Deja who…..I know you but not your name

Deja mew…. the cat’s upset already
Deja new…. a logical impossibility
Deja you….I met you before
Deja true… an axiom
Deja due……..your payment is late
Deja slew… he was dead before I shot him, sir.
Deja new…second hand
Deja blue….. inborn sadness
Deja vile….original sin
Deja bile————-I had indigestion earlier
Deja smile……I won’t laugh again
Deja flew……I love you no more/I have gone
Deja dew—————-will it drop off?
Deja who…..I know you but not your name
Deja new………old
Deja phew….. that was hard

Never aid a fool

As hidebound as a leather chair-

As thoughtless as a broom;

He is more stuck  than is despair

Which hovers round his room

Hurt by  bullies in his school.

He made protective rules.

Never go out  with a girl

Never aid a fool.

Never vote in case you err

Never wear red  socks.

Be angry that life’s  so unfair

Live inside a box.

Always say your prayers at night#

Never read in bed

And never ever think about

What  you might do instead.

His menu was so regular,

From  change he gained no pleasure

He cut his meat up with  an axe

To make it hard to measure.

He counted every step he took

And every time he  wheezed.

He wrote it in his diary

And this act made him sneeze.

He was allergic to the air;

Allergic to the sun;

At least the tickle in his throat,

Made him laugh in fun.

He had a job with a big bank

He always wore a suit

Till one day his colleague said

That only plants had roots.

The implication seemed to be

He was in stasis glued.

He always wore the same old clothes

And ate the same old food.

Could he help himself and how?

Could he be softer skinned?

He dreamed he climbed up a great cliff

Despite  the gale and wind.

And so he  left the bank and moved

To work in a coal mine.

He crawled along the tunnels black

And measured them with twine


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