Gold stone from Cotswold  quarries men brought

And built into a way of life for those who bought

Their lives so cheaply,And did not see

The  children’s eyes ,the ball,.the game ,the tree

Of life that grew in small backyards and gave all

To those who climbed into its arms

Why should this not be you?

Oh,Eden,I see that you are nearer now

In lowly homes where love is free

Than in the temple, grove,and soft set brow

Of those who worship God in churches built of gold.

Now we can see that this is easy to behold

When sun is setting,and escapes the ashes

Thrown up and floating in the watches

Of the days of voter’e eyes cast up to skies

and , wondering fearful, what will come

when all the secret deals are done.

So take the gold of life and let it fall

Into your children’ s growing souls

And let this holy town and spires

Melt into sunset’s glowing orange fires.

The still small voice had whispered long before

Katherine  May 10, 2018

The ending of  the day brings nearer war
Is it France or Germany this time
As on those  cruel days we lived before?

Alas it is the Holy Land  adored,
No longer holy, no more thought  divine
The ending of  the day brings hints of war

David with his sling has nuclear power.
If this is true, how shall we read the signs
As  did humans  dead and gone before?

Asia,Europe.Africa, oh cower
The missiles and the war planes unbenign
The ending of  our world  draws near in war

The eyes seem innocent the mouth turns sour
World  leaders who have never fought decide
Not to learn from  long wars fought before.

Oh, why so keen to start, illegal bride?
Submit to  your own prophets and their signs
The  still small voice did whisper long ago
The sacred bush will burn with nuclear fire