It doesn’t have to hurt

I get up in the morning after twenty cups of tea
I dress in some bright clothing that will make God worship me
I am getting so much older and I never learned to flirt
How did I have time to go to work ?

I spend a long time daydreaming,I love a reverie
Now I have no cat at all, my new plants all love me
I sit and write my poetry, it doesn’t have to hurt
How did I have time to go to work?

I’ve a prayer plant from the tropics,Brazilian so I read
I’m buying it some pebbles, it likes a waterbed
I’ve also got a Peace Lily, surveillance is covert
How did I have time to go to work?

Time they say is precious, as they run with manic verve
Like a tangent to a circle, they miss the holy curve
My ambition is for indolence, my ideas I will nurse
Why did I waste time and go to work?

Make your own milk pudding

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on
cold glass breakfast milk

This pudding can be enriched by adding a beaten egg to the dry mix with the milk
then cookingas below

I’ve not tried it yet but did used to make a similar one with burnt sugar

2 oz cornflour
1 oz Cocoa [ or I oz cornflour and some vanilla essence/ almond etc]
2 oz sugar

I pint of milk

Mix the dry ingredients with a little milk till smooth
Heat the rest of the milk then pour the coca mixture in and stir constantly to prevent lumps

It should thicken and then you pour it into a dish.It will set like blancmange

If you do get lumps liquidise it before it thickens then carry on.A hand blender shaped like a wand can be used directly into the pan and you can get them quite cheaply.I seem to have three ! I can’t count or measure.I only do algebra to avoid numbers as much as possible

I know that being sad is no disgrace

The bell rang on the ancient church at noon.
A sparrow flitted to the Tudor wall.
Was this the knell which brings us damned gloom?

Perhaps there is no meaning here at all.
I read my unknown thoughts projected out,
And in my rage, desire the walls to fall.

Like you, I am too often stuck in doubt
Betrayed by old ideal and vanished wish.
So what is in confuses that without.

Oh,pain, oh ,mind, oh agony, oh flesh.
I shall not cling to life and wait for grace.
I am, myself, a fish in net of mesh.

Was this my destiny, my rightful place;
Alone besieged by sorrows on all sides?
I err for being sad is no disgrace.

So ,to my hopes, I’ll cling like drowning beast
Until my invitation to the feast.