Love’s victory

Turn back, live again, he asked of me
Do not wander in this darkness anymore
One false step might give death victory

We are each connected to that tree
The sunlit top, the roots hid in earth’s floor
Come back, live again, he asked of me

While we live, we’ll live with dignity
Not scrabbling for the gold in blood and gore
One more lie will give sin victory

The kindness of the golden light was clear
And left an image in my mind’s deep core
Come back, live your life, he then soothed me

Do not wonder now why you are here
We’re here to live and living shall restore
What our suffering self has found so dear

I had never seen the Light before
Only Christ the Tyger with his roar
Come back, live through pain, he asked of me
One right step will give love victory

In between the silence and the song

The beach between the low tide and the high

Treasures gather on the pale washed sands

Driftwoodshells, remorseless is the sky

Adults play for safety staying dry

Lightly loved the children’s little hands.

I don’t like the raw sand of the dunes

The tide fling salty water to the sky

Smashing shells make modernistic tunes

Creation and destruction undismayed.

Co-creators in the healing seas

All the laws of gravity obey

Inspiring music as the waters breath

.In between the silence and the song

The pity of the heavens in mercy hangs

Do not go

Those I thought were friends now slide away

Hiding in the shadows with no light

No mirror can reflect the sun today

Maybe it’s my eyes that cannot see

Blinded by the shock of what I read.

I thought that we were lovers you and me

The looks and glances, what you nearly said.

As for all the others let them lie.

I shall not hear their words my ears are shut

My heart has shrunk, and slow the time goes by

I feel the knife blade but I cannot cut.

Do not cast your friends off with no word.

We do not like to feel the world’s absurd

Hearing aids United

They profit from an over sensitive tense sinful puma

He quaffs, lentil she cries.

Have you hot manure peering on?

Where are your tentacles. Goats feeding bed everyday

I’ll give you some cunning data.

Could you row toothy Stinks?

Where are you weeping insight?

She went to Mass without a pistol. She didn’t even have a bat.

Please Father I’d like to wake some repressions.

You are refusing me constantly

Through my coast ingenious missiles.

Do you consent?

Well I am a fairy

How many media sins today?

Through my most ingenious assault. my son was committed

For your menace pray for our father.

Am I my brother’s torture?

I can’t correspond you twat.

Please do not bare your quirks

What is the wine?

It is herbs funeral

I didn’t know you could blink after death

Buying the blue coat

In the year 1989 I learnt that one of my students a young woman called Heather who was married to another student was diagnosed with cancer of the bone.. she had told me in the summer term that she had a pain in her thigh.

I think I may have told them if I had surgery on my foot in 19 78 for a tumour between the bones

When we started the autumn term Heather told me that she has cancer and she was going to the Royal Marsden hospital for treatment that was the end of September l

ByChristmas time Heather has died leaving a young husband devastated

Before she got so much worse I went to see her in her flat on about the 20th floor of a tower block.

She was sitting at the table Open in front of her a text book and she show me that she waskeeping up even though she could not come to the classes.

When I was coming back from seeing heather the last time I went into Marks and Spencer’s and bought a blue coat.

I had the urge to take something in because I was going to lose someone.

It would have been more rational to give the money to Jeather who was very poor or to donate to an appropriate charity.

I remember after leaving Heather’s tower block I had to walk along the street in a very rough area and young men were swearing at me even though tears were running down my face like rain.

But Heather had never complained about that. But I realise why she had bought a dog

If I had not bought the blue coat I suppose I would have forgotten about it but we don’t know do we ?

How to successfully waste even more money

Why not buy yourself a brand new winter coat in your favourite colour even if you already have 10 winter coats

And since the autumn is coming on why don’t we subscribw to our favourite magazines as the weather gets bad and we can’t get out to the newsagents to buy them.

Doesn’t every woman deserve some new new leather boots for the winter even if it never snows where she lives.

Why bother to go shopping stock up your food cupboard or fridge when you can order a takeaway delivered to your door every evening?

Oh maybe one of your friends would like to eat in restaurant with you. You can pay with your credit card.

Why not start the academic year with a new watch so that you get to the lecture room on time and don’t take the students waiting.

If you work in an office that’s a reason to buy a new watch

Your sister will need one too.Buy online and have it delivered. You need to show how much you love her and you can’t see how to do it without spending a lot of money

Because everybody else including your sister will buy one and you can get some with red straps and red faces that will keep winter depression at bay. Though it might bring on panic disorder when you get new credit card bill and then you have to pay a therapist to help you with your depression

Then you might think why am I wasting money on the cheap therapist when I can spend 10 years in 4 times a week Freudian psycho analysis. That will help me to get to the bottom of why do I waste money on things I don’t need and it will also make me bankrupt at the same time

St Margaret’s Bay

St Margaret’s Bay,the lighthouse,the green grass

,The Kentish light,the avenues of glass

See across the Channel where they hide

Drowning migrants rolling on the tide.

Who are they,we say in cruel tone ?

Jesus lived in Bethlehem, not Rome

Higher climbs the butterfly in sun .

Disappearing, burnt to Kingdom come

How would we like to dress?

Why should we want to wear a certain kind of clothing just because some famous person wears it?

Perhaps you don’t have any ideas of your own about what you’d like to wear. But these people may not have chosen the clothes themselves. They may be being paid to wear them by some firm or designer. They may not even like them

So stop looking at other people Do you not know what you like?

You may like to think about a few relevant possibilities.

For myself I like to wear colours that appeal to me I like blue. I used to like very bright colours and I still do up to a point. Does colour matter to you you?

Then wear muted colours such as grey especially if you are going out. Initial muted colour

Do you like to be inconspicuous in the street?

If it does not you could dress ini black or another neutral colour. Some people do this anyway because it makes life simpler. Other people wear just two or three colours like beige black and light cream.

Restricting the colours to two or three means that you will never have a problem matching clothes together

Similarly do you like prints and patterns or plain colours? It’s much easier if you leave out prints. You can get a scarf which has several colours in if you feel that would be fun to wear.

You need some shoes. You will probably already have got these but they should not clash with your clothing colours

Di you u fancy wearing bright red shoes and you know that’s what you want regardless of what other people wear ? Choose what you want

If you are are living on a small income you may not be able to wear exactly what you want but you can get near it.

If you have got clothes and you hate them, sell them on eBay or give them for charity

Save the money I’m sure you’ll find something you like later.

You don’t have to dress in avway that is dictated to you.

It’s better to enjoy your own choices f you have no interest in clothes just buy things in one colour and forget about it

Or go to charity shops and see if you can find something more interesting add to your very simple and plain outfits

We should try to enjoy as much of life as we can whether it is having good friends finding a job that we like or simply having fun bwith our clothing.

Save a bit more money with handkerchiefs etc

When I was going to university my mother walked to the station with me and she said to me I don’t think your landlady will boil a handkerchief for you so you have to use tissues.

I had never seen a tissue then.

I bought a box the next day and unsure of how many to use I restricted myself to one a day because I couldn’t spend a lotof course if you had a cold you would need more than one I think.

During the covid-19 epidemic it was really important to yse tissues and to dispose of them safely so as not to spread infection.

However they are quite expensive and we had a shortage in the iUnited Kingdom as well ;so what else could you do do?

Well you could buy some handkerchiefs instead and we used to boil ours in a pan on the coal fire in the evening.

I expect you could wash them in the washing machine on a very hot wash when you’re doing towels and sheets.

But I would not recommend this when you have a cold flu or any other infection.

At one time women had to used towels when they were menstruating that is pieces of towelling which were fastened to their knickers with safety pins.

This was not very comfortable and even if you’re short of money it seems to be too extreme because also it’s not very safe and the blood can easily leak onto your clothing.

There are things like menstrual cups made of plastic that you can use which I imagine would save money in the long run but that’s up to any individual woman.

What a surprise after all these years dl to bevwondering whether one can afford to use tissues to blow one’s nose or wipe ones lips etc

It is also better for the planet if we are careful with using paper or cardboard so that we do not ruin in the world by lack of thought and it will save a little money for anyone.

You go out for coffee or a meal and if you have paper napkin provided then if you don’t use it you could take that home and cut it in half and useb each half as a substitute for a paper hanky

If you save 50p a day letting £180 in the year.

0r it is £3.50 a week which will still pay for a large cappuccino.

Please don’t stop using toilet paper. Unless you are a homeless person and in that house you may be able to use a public comlnvenience where there should be toilet paper.

A single rose

The fewer our possessions are, the better.

If you have no bread you need no butter.

Turn away from Envy Use your will.

If there is no illness there’s no pill

Comparisons are painful to the weak

If you and rhey persist the outlook’s bleak.

Be grateful you can see and feel and taste

The wonders of perception go to waste.

When we lose a sense we realise

Nothing can replace our ears and eyes.

Adding more possessions makes more work.

In the maze of choice do not get stuck

In the empty space perception grows

Lots of weeds or just a single rose