Oh, dusk suggests


Failed Encounter




Dusk and winter rain combined
Bring old memories to mind
Hiding in the foggy park,
With my satchel, dancing stark
Cracking frosty pools ,I stamp

Icy webs hang from the lamps
Dusk, a secret time and state
In between the school and gate
Jumping,skipping, tossing hands
Imagination and its lands
Chasing,screaming, waltzing on
Children’s voices, children’s fun
When it’s dark, out Mother comes
Calls us home to do our sums
Homework,what a cursed word
Dusk and twilight, angels lark
I see the moon from my big bed
The curtains thinner than a thread
Cracks in pavements patterns make
Like God, like prophet
s, the earth shake

We see,in darkness, tongues of fire.

Signs and symbols guide the route.

Love gives the soul her appetite.

Though the night is black and starless,

The inner guide is never careless.

The notes are struck,the tune is played,

Plain melodies are overlaid.

In this chant and benediction,

Healing comes for desolation.

Though the passage way is narrow,

This road is the one to follow.

Struggling through the mud and mire,

We see,in darkness, tongues of fire.

The sacred centre of our life

Is never found without some strife.

Just then, the dark and light combine.

To create a symbol for the mind

I charge you

Instead of looking forward to going to heaven,
We look forward to a phone that charges faster
Charging faster made no difference to the Light Briga

We looked forward to going to the Library on Saturdays
Now we get e-books in two minutes
Disconnected from our Community

We went to church on Sundays
Now we want proof God exists
Is this an improvement?

We did Al-gebra at the Grammar School
Who invented it and why?

What is “x” anyway?

Oh,little world

My heart rose up in gladness for this dawn
No round sun, a reddened strip, appeared
Of red sky, the wiser shepherds warned

The shepherds played reed pipes,not great ram’s horns
Their music heard by lovers stilled the ear
My heart rose up in gladness for this dawn

The glances and the touches made love warm
So into their Communion they were steered
Oh,red sky, the wiser shepherds called

The first emotion may end up forlorn
The true appearance may change love to fear
My heart rose up in gladness for this dawn

The little lives of shepherds,time untorn
No texts, no phone, no chat, great peace is near
For red sky, the wiser shepherds warned

In my eye I felt a rush of tears
I turned away, the sun was fierce, sincere
My heart rose up in gladness for red dawn
Misreading thus, by wisdom ill informed

How to raise your chance of a quick death

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

If you are afraid of a lingering death I have just found an answer!

Do more dangerous things like these below
Fly your own plane or just fly on any plane every week
Go swimming in places where there are dangerous currents in the sea
[This is often where a large river joins the sea such as The Wash,UK]
Drive a car before you take lessons.Go alone but the risk to others is unfair.
Just travel a lot in any way
Mix with angr, drunken people every night
Find a new partner with a very bad temper who likes cooking,Make sure there are lots of knives in the kitchen.Keep going in asking how soon dinner will be ready or where are your clean underpants

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

The main problem is whether others will be injured.
Wait till you feel unwell then walk along a cliff top
Keep lots of animals and let them over-run your house
Snakes are one possibility

It seems odd to risk your life like this but it’s really saving you from years
in a hospital bed wearing a gown with a slit back and a candelebra in your hand
or is it a primula?
And who wants that?
Also this risky behaviour is a way of retaining control over your life and death
That is the paradox

Beggar man

  • I saw you on the pavement
    with your old brown dog
    You were shabby,poor,ragged,
    Sat on your tartan rug.
    You had water for the dog,
    You hugged him and you sang,
    But the people walked on by,
    And no-one looked at you.
    No-one looked at you.

    But you still sang your song.
    And you sent me so much love
    It crossed from eye to eye.
    I felt it coming in.

  • I heard that you had died,
    Though you were only thirty three.
    Only thirty three.
    I wonder,where’s your dog?
    I felt our souls had touched,
    You gave to me so much
    As I wandered in my grief
    Through the roads and round the streets.
    In your glance, you touched my heart.
    I felt love swimming through,
    From you right into me.

    Will you come again?
    I see all these dim, grey men
    Who cut your benefits
    To give more wealth to few;
    So that the needle’s eye,
    which is waiting when we die,
    is forgotten, for they want
    protection for their wealth.

    I wish that beggar man
    would come back here again.
    I liked to hear his songs
    But I can’t recall the tunes;
    Maybe I’ll write songs myself,
    That’s the highest sort of wealth
    Our creativity
    Is a path to dignity.
    Come back.beggar man
    Wherever have you gone?
    Wherever have you gone?

Tea with brandy

Photo by Anderson Martins on Pexels.com

As Mary put her navy blue peacoat on over her red dress and grabbed her red bag she saw the cab arrive.
Bye,Emile,she called before locking the front door
She got to the Podiatry Clinic early.Just as well since only three of the chairs were in use
Soon her name was called and a calm yet warm young woman called Emma told her where to sit
Oh,dear.You are unlucky.You have Celtic feet,Emma murmured
It’s not bad luck, it’s because 5 of my great grandparents were Celtic, Mary lectured her
But they were all dead when I was born, possibly due to the Famine in Ireland
Well, at least they had children.
How do you know that?
You are descended from them
My, how clever you are.I never thought of that before
Do you have children,Emma enquired
Well,I did lose at least one in Spain near Malaga
Goodness,can’t you get in touch now?How old were they?
I guess about 3 months old so no doubt they fell into the Mediterranean sea.
Miaooooooooooow!Miaooooooooaaaaaaaw.Boo hooooooooo
Emma nearly passed out.
What on earth is that?
Mary opened her bag and there sat Emile crying copiously
Emile, how did you get into my bag?
You left the zip open and I was looking for a mask.Then you suddenly fastened it
Mary gave him a tissue to dry his tears.
I felt so distraught when you said your unborn babies died,I could not stay quiet
Emma said, you must put a mask on and I am not going to even look at your paws
Why not?
The NHS is for humans, she smiled graciously, if not superciliously
Well,Mary, you must let me examine your other foot
Well,you only have two, I hope!
Mary carried her red bag into the Waiting Room.
Hello,she said into her phone.Can you send a cab to take me home
MeToo ,yelled Emile
What the bleeding hell is that?
Don’t worry, it’s just my cat.Will I have to pay extra?
Not if he sits on your knee
Thanks, said Mary,
She and Emile sat looking through the glass door
Well, this made a change,he purred.I like Emma
MeToo cried Mary as she saw the car stop outside
Home and some Twinings Tea
With brandy, called Emile
And so wish all of us

In the desert grey

I was walking in a desert grey and bleak
All alone, with none to speak or  eat
I shuddered when I realised the truth
I was unmarried, pregnant, mere refuse.

Cast out for other failings all unknown
My baby came too soon and I alone
A doctor with no face appeared and said
Your baby died ,I see he’s never fed

He flung my baby  on his heap of dead
I lay there  in the dirt, red with  my blood
I  had to leave or I  would  die of grief
The will to live  just stronger than a  leaf

I went to see my baby, and  he smiled
He was still alive, my love,my child
I took him in my arms,  where should we go?
I walked into that darkness
full and slow


Photo by Hert Niks on Pexels.com


Meaning of abstruse in English

 abstruseadjective   formalUK  /æbˈstruːs/ US  /æbˈstruːs/not known or understood by many people:an abstruse philosophical essaySynonymsobscurerecherché formalrecondite formal

Let them see your feet without their shoes

When strangers ask for photos of you nude
Or wearing clothes so scanty they’ll go blind
Let them see your feet without their shoes

Let them see your twisted toes turn blue
Let them see the bunions God designed
When strangers ask for photos rather rude

Can one solve a crossword with no clues?
Can one have no bosom and look fine?
Can they love your feet without cute shoes?

When you’re feeling sad and life is blue
When you long for love but not divine
When gentlemen want photos somewhat crude

Try to sell them on the Evening News
Take the veil or drink the Altar Wine
Let them kiss your feet without their shoes

When you’re looking for the hidden signs
Don’t read numbers settlers left behind
When strangers ask for photos, give them clues
Let them wash your feet but make them queue

Logic and marriage

Annie ran into Mary’s kitchen wearing a pale green coat and matching suede s oes
Oh,let me tell you my happy news,I am gettng married again
Is that why you are all dressed up?Why green?
Don’t be ridiculous,marriage needs organising
You mean the Ceremony?
Yes, and the meal
I think marriage itself needs organising.Who will pay the bills and bring in the coal?
Which side of the bed will you sleep on?
Oh, I must get larger bed,Annie realised thoughtfully
And who is to be your husband?
I’ve not decided yet,Annie admitted quietly
How many candidates are there for the position,Mary asked quizzically?
Well, the main one is Denis, the psychoanalyst across the road
I expect he already has a big bed..Mary joked knowingly
Yes,I spent a night or so with him and he has a memory foam mattress here.
I hope it doesn’t remember all the women he has slept with
Well, only if they slept there.They might have gone to an hotel or been in a caravan
at Southwold Harbour,Annie rambled on
They might have slept in a wood by a log fire or in a tent on the West Ban
So will he be faithful to you?
He’s already told me he adores me more than he knew possible
That will soon wear off when you live together
How cruel you are,Annie sighed ,like martyr waiting to be executed
Shall I make some tea for us both?
Yes and boil my hankies as well,Mary joked.
I shall boil your tongue if you keep teasing me!
They sat down near the window while the sun was setting in a wine coloured sky
I do like your outlook,Annie said
I thought it was Microsoft’s,Mary told her innocently
You silly idiot,I mean your view
I’ve never heard of YourView.Is it a new thing like Zoom? Mary asked nervously
I mean, this view here from your window at dusk
Wow,I am frightened how I assume everything I learn of is related to Modern Technology
Yeah, said Annie,I’ve done it too
You are both stupid,said Emile the resident cat
How rude.Why do you say that,Mary enquired boldly?
It’s the whole human race.All hooked on Skype or a Twatter
What’s a Twattter?
It’s someone who lives on Twitter
You won’t find a bird on Twitter.
So a bird can’t be a Twatter
That is correct.Aristotle would be pleased if he were here
Where is he?
In a book

That is end of “Logic made simple” on BBC education

Owls surprise

Photo by Francesco De tommaso on Pexels.com

Look without and see the claret sky
The sun is falling like Greek wine tonight
As sparrows hide in holly,safe from eyes

We need protection till our minds sublime
Into dusty corners shine their lights
Look without and see the curious sky

Tell your heart, your truth, though others lie
Seem rewarded with both cash and spite
Oh, sparrows hide in holly, leaves awry

A man is called an emperor , yet he dies
Look without and see the fatal signs
The sky is turning panic to delight

At last, philosopher, the silence sighs
Throw away the your thoughts, cold or benign
As sparrow safe in holly, shut their eyes

The hawk may soar across the sacred lines
Where patterns of complexity arise
Look without and see the open sky
When sparrows rest in holly, owls surprise

Mary and the alarm clock

Mary sat brooding in her armchair, while Emile slumbered by the red hot fire
How can I be sure to waken up tomorrow in time for my Podiatry visit? she pondered
I am used to waking early, but you never know,she told herself
When she went to bed, carryin a flask of English Breakfast Tea she picked up her alarm
clock but the battery was missing yet again
Never mind, she thought.I shall use my phone instead as she put on her long nightdress and
a wool jumper full of holes
How fortunate that I can wear old clothes in bed rather than seductive satin lingerie, she thought
They are usually polyester and that’s not warm.Though no doubt if it is very seductive you will soon get hot unless
your mate works nights down a coal mine.Then, why would a woman wear it?
Does it mean she has a lover living near by, perhaps next door?
We can only wonder
why women must suffer not only this but stiletto heels and blow dries
She put the flask of tea down and got into her cosy bed.
Alas, Mary was still anxious about the alarm
I’ll go downstairs and get the kitchen clock, she decided.She struggled out of bed and fetched the blue clock upstairs where it was agreeable to being used
I really do need Stan to come back so he could resume waking me when he brought me some tea at 8 am each morni
Shall I put an advert online<
Very thoughtful, anxious kind & gentle lady mathematician, good at cooking and boiling hankies needs a kind well read man as a partner.Must get up early to make tea and filter the News
Preferably a man from Tyneside or similar area
Please phone 0207 ccctheo or email iamme78@ymail,com
She set her spare phone and the clock then fell asleep.
She dreamed she was in a rowing boat on Lake Windermere with her first boyfriend who looked as attractive as ever
Come and give me a kiss, he ordered he
But surely it is dangerous to make love in a rowing boat, she remarked wonderingly
Yes, we might fall out but I can swim
But I can’t, she said.Are you hoping I will drown?
Don’t be so anxious.The Mountain Rescue Team will come and help
We’re not on a mountain, she retorded.Anyway I don’t love you anymore
Why not, he asked angrily?
I went off you because you never read a book and always chose the films we saw.
Did that matter?

There you are,you didn’t even ask me if I liked James Bond.You must be an egoist
His eyes glared angrily.Why did you not tell me, he asked
Should a man need to be told to please a potential girl friend?
I suppose not, he answered,Please forgive me.He leaned over to kiss her
but just then all the alarms went off,It was morning,,
How nice to have a cup of tea while trying to remember one’s name and date of birth
And to forget the worst boyfriend ever
At least he never hit me, she exclaimed

And so say all of us

Chilly days

My toes were cold ,like frozen strips of fish
Chill- blains threaten,I must not choose this
I’ll buy some woollen tights and knit some socks
Keeping warm in winter with the flocks

Podiatry is on the NHS
And so my lady kind I vow to bless
Gentle as a mist on Whitby shores
Warmer than the sea,I can’t say more.

I ought to wear some warmer clothes at night
I have a little cat his name is Blake
He will not eat his dinner, he wants mine
I wish he were a man and we could dine

My fingers are as cold as stainless steel
Was it I who made the motor wheel ?
I like ellipses yet they do nor roll
Though neither does a dollop of hot coal

When we all are old we’ll go to God
He recycles people with his Rod
Some of us come back as Eskimos
I can guess that just by my cold toes

I prefer a hotter place to live
Hell has its attractions like a sieve
Naughty people have more fun I feel
I want to change my feet into small wheels

In the end, it’s good to feel and hope
Before we turn into the holy smoke

Menu for mad native of UK

Art by Katherine

Fried frogs on a bed of lice with free desert and Bedouin prisoner
Scottish moles and salad with hot flatbread from Gaza & strip
English Enema with free water and wafers and Syrian Refugee
Welsh Wrabbit grilled on West Bank of Thames plus Binoculars and Gun
Scottish Sausage with alimony tossed in lemon juice and oil
HP Sauce on Macaroni in butter with Russian Cheesefake

Fried Fish with chip on boulder of Galilee with boat
German Green Goose with mesh of potato free to engage
Grumbling Grand Gorse with spikes and dressing and free Baptism
Spanish Hamlet with chunky chips and a pack of cards with Joker
Linear Equations of Spaghetti with photo of salad Macbeth
Matrix of Pasta in green gauze with free wound and needle
Hindu Blessing and free food for all who smile
Cherry Tree blessed by God plus Rice and Nuts and free Tea
Irish plight and potato free
to all