Enrich darkness with our gifts

From the sun, low in the sky,
Light falls slantwise to my eyes.
Trees bud, though invisibly,
Nothing that our eyes can see.

Bulbs shoot up from dark cold soil
Where worms and beetles quietly toil.
We take for granted air and sky,
Love the birds we see fly by.

But who can love the worms and slugs
And those creatures we call bugs?
So in our dark cold winter time,
Praise these creatures in the grime.

Without these worms, our crops would die.
No cornfields here for us to lie,
Amidst the poppies’   wild red  blooms.
So we forget all winter’s gloom

Praise the snails and bees and ants
For these and spiders, let’s give thanks.
As the lightness needs the dark,
From darkness come life-giving sparks.

Enrich darkness with our gifts.
Look not always to the swift.
Slow and patient like these worms,
Nature’s lowness is my theme

Don’t bite the pullet

He suffered from botanic disorder for tears

His brother befriended Horror Know Us

Mother was my guest for months at a time.

Father escaped from prison before he said one sentence let alone a paragraph

Others were too polite to say they were flying

I am afraid of harpies the virus.

Should I blush don’t stare

My bubble was square.Am I an addict? To what ? To woo be who?

I lied last week

By Katherine

Beef cough drops

Sherry rifles with bullets

Chicken shampoo

Wholy tribunals

Bene Friction

The shoals under ground

Give me transgressions

What is the arm of the law?

Boil all my bunions and slice thickly with your wife before making the tart

You can buy tart shells in Tesco s

The police have their charms or use subtle hints.

Who likes peppermint dreams?

Abide me,o Lord till I am very glad

I offer up. my arthritis for those souls in purgatory who feel the same..

Don’t tell me you lied last week

Where once a cat

How my heart sings

The apple tree,now bare of leaves,
Still bends in worship to the sun.
The sap flows down into the earth
Its fruiting year is done.

Where once a cat sat on the branch,
And children played below,
Now only sparrows hunt for crumbs,
and patterned snails slide slow.

The sun is setting to my left;
where is the slivered moon?
The day is deeper than a dream,
and over all too soon.

Oh,come,my lover,to my bed
And hold me in your arms.
I’ll rest against your fragile chest,
Whilst you enjoy old charm

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The holiness of slow

How my heart sings

The thinner branches wave  like fragile grass
Bewildered by the wind so strong and cold
Like prisoners suffering from a cruel lash

The cat walks by ,the  little hedgehogs pass
So in my winter coat I could be bold
The thinner branches wave  like fragile grass

If only winter travelled very fast
But time is needed for the seeds  to grow
As humble as a  snail on its own path

We humans  too need silence without rush
We must earn the holiness of slow
While thinner  trees  still wave  like fragile grass

In the soil, the worms  pursue their tasks
Eternities of beetles move below
Humble as the  snails on  their own path

Why we’re here  this day we cannot know
Our souls soak in the  silent world below
The thinner branches wave  like fragile grass
We’re not gods. we suffer  from the lash

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