The hand upon my tiller

Come back to me, my sweetheart
Don’t leave me all alone.
Come back to me, my darling
I can’t believe you’ ve gone.
I’m crying ‘cos I’m feeling blue again.
I’m crying’cos I’m falling like a stone.

Oh, let me tempt you with my beauty
And my mind forever young.
Let me tempt you with my spirit
My laughter and my songs.
I’m crying ‘cos I never did you wrong.
I’m crying ‘cos with you I  still belong.

I thought maybe I’d follow,
To see where you have gone
But there’s a hand upon this tiller
That is not mine alone.
I’m crying ‘cos I wrote this old blue song.
I’m crying ‘cos I’ve missed you  for too long.

The hand upon my tiller
The mystery of the dark
The unknown one who lives in me
And sings like a skylark.
I’m singing ‘cos I wrote you a new song.
I’m singing ‘cos the cat ain’t got my tongue

With each image ,still your dreaming heart

How my heart sings


To write a poem will take our entire heart
Our mind and soul, our body and our dreams.
With trepidation,take a pen and start

Let preconceptions , though well meant, depart
Creative work evades such plans and schemes
To write a poem will shake the entire heart

We travel lands unknown without a chart
With our courage, trust the dark unseen
For inspiration,take our pens and write

We bite the apple,bitter, hard and tart
Knowledge enters in its dream -like streams
To write a poem will move each living heart

No logic,reasoning, signs, however wrought
Will bring to life the holy pattern’s themes
With each image ,still your dreaming heart

The earth ,the oceans, seas, the sacred scenes
Where humans live out daily what life means
To write a poem , we need a mystic’s heart
In emptiness, we fill our pens,we start







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Poems are caught  like music in the air

How my heart sings

Poems are caught  like music in the air
Passing by ,they float on a light breeze
To land upon a mountain side  afar
Or in a desert hot and very bare
Written  in stranger’s dreams with seeming ease
They do not come here in a motor car
Nor ride upon a motor bike like man
But on their way to earth they love to  tease
They do  not answer on their way to where
Who knows if they want to talk or can
Oh, lines bizarre

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So lonely

Many lonely people

living in one street

Can they get together nie

why don’t they all meet

Noone likes to bare their soul

Others may attack

But if you need more people

You must show us lack.

You are feeling empty

Hollow in your heart

Nobody may notice

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You must make a start

Grab your courage strongly

Love is on your chart

Do not wander wildly

Still your gentle heart

Name a few definite ones

How my heart sings

You were the centre of my universe
[What is a universe,by the way?]
You were the light in my life
[What about the sun?]
You were perfect in every way
{Xmas grey 2.jpg
So why did you choose me?
[Why, what’s wrong with you?]
Now, you have thrown me away
Seems as  if I am trash
But some folk save the wrong things
Or put them in the wrong wash
[That might be a metaphor]
My washing machine  only works on the rapidest wash
[Good grief, that sounds positive]
Since it’s only 14 minutes long ,I do it twice
[Why would people want to know this?]
Sometimes I just do rinse and spin
‘But I didn’t realise that was an option at first
[Who cares?]
I am trying to save money so in future I shall just do one
{ Why wash them at all, just steam them!]
I love elecricity

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Emile and Smokey

How my heart sings

Annie went into Mary’s kitchen to look at her new  grey kitten
Will Emile not be jealous of Smokey,she asked nervously?
No, he says he’d like to pass on his knowledge to  other cats,Mary sighed
What knowledge? Annie said intrusively?
Well, how to get on with me  like Stan,Mary murmured
Surely all  men are different,Annie said thoughtfully?
I suppose so, but they do have somethings in common,Mary rambled on
Such as?
I’ll have to be careful or I will be hounded by  the politically fairly correct,said poor Mary
How can you be fairly correct? Annie enquired
It’s like fuzzy logic….. a thing is no longer right or wrong, true or false,and so on
It’s a many valued logic,Mary said in her peculiar  manner ;  very rapid speaking  combining  a Northern accent with the vocabulary of a scientist thus rendering her unfit to read the Newsfor the BBC,ITV Israel, Al…

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This frail membrane is our boundary

My room is warm and comforting and light
This feels like kindness , brings my skin delight
I remember being held in loving arms
And soothed by songs as sweet as any balms
Let the lamplight run across the eyes
Let them soften to a wider gaze
Let the hair be free from sprays too strong
Let the skin enclose us softly like a song
We can’t deny the skin is often pricked
Or beaten by a parent who’s too strict
More fragile than a leaf from any tree
This frail membrane is our boundary
Floating into sleep in reverie
I lose myself while God imagines me


Oh doctor I am suffering pain

How can I relax my brain?

It’s not a muscle so I read

While I lay down on the bed

Hubert Benson wrote some books

I might find one if i look

He tells muscles to let go

Tension make us full of woe

How to calm your mind and heart

When so called friends have

made you smart

Take a bath in scented water

Seek for people full of


Eat good meals and feed the cat

Just wait here I have to stop

The words

Every Time I see a four letter word I add another letter

Oh,fluck the Men are here where is my frock?

Oh fluck, why not shriek English

What creap for dinnrr

He writes too much cramp for me

You tweat, you broke my heart

You twist my swords

What shirt you speak at home

You are shifty

Blondy hell,Africa is me

I am damed if I will swear

Where did the count go ?

What count?

The beast one.

You are e-vile

You are e-book

Love in the hair

How can I love a man with rough white beard

Unless He lets me trim it with my shears

My own body hair has disappeared

Though on my chin two hairs appear

Neither màle nor female we shed years

No-one loves the old nor dries their tears

Their skin flakes off their ears can’t hear

Their eyes have shrunk they seem to leer

Forgive us Lord and help us steer

For in the darkest places you are near

My hospital resolutions

I will take everything personally

I will interpret all events in the worst way

I will never look on the. bright side

I will show the doctors I know more than they do.

I will refuse to wear backless gowns for procedures on my front.And vice versa.

I will prove stronger than most anaesthesics but feel no pain

I will likely see hallucinations and become crazy but only for an hour at most

I will recover faster than the speed of light