My journey in the ambulance car

To get to the hospital about 4 miles away in hospital transport and to return home again go in there transport I was driven about 19 miles or more in order to pick up another person who had ordered transport.

And then we how to proceed to the hospital. In total I spent 1-hour and 47 minutes in an ambulance car.

Perhaps I should mention that in the middle of the journey towards the hospital which/ about 50 minutes my phone rang and a woman said that my appointment at the hospital has been cancelled.

The driver could not turn back because he had to pick up a man so I had a company then to the hospital so I think it was about 1 hour and 20 minutes from when I was picked out when I arrived at the hospital which was about 4 miles away if going by a direct route.

What I asked the driver have you had any water he said no but he offered me an almost empty can of something that was labelled red bull beer although I do not think this is beer but I don’t know so I drank some of it fortunately it was nearly empty.

My friend had arrange

Edto meet me at the hospital but when I didn’t arrive for my appointment she asked the receptionist what has happened to me because she had heard me getting into the ambulance because she was on the phone to me when it’s arrived

They told her that my appointment has been cancelled they asked her where I was and she said well she must be in the ambulance unless they’ve crashed and she’s in a hospital in A and E oh she has been kidnapped etc

That was when they phoned me. It was a hot day and it was very uncomfortable.

I won’t tell you anymore in case it distresses you. I will just say that the man who brought me back could not be praised more highly. I was sharing the others with 2 elderly women each with an ill or disabled son and it was very moving to see such people people.

1 I was very tired when I got back. The government trying to turn us against the NHS? Have you had appointments cancelled the same day or the day before an appointment for which you’ve been waiting? Can you afford private medicine now that you’re old and no longer working. I suppose there are some jobs might be able to do but at the moment I can’t think of any that will bring enough money to pay for private medicine. I’m already paying for the dentist but because of lockdown I’ve only just been able to go to the dentist since the pandemic started and I’ve got a feeling that some of my teeth might need removing.

Still it will be a morning out and the dentist is very good.

Is empathy such a good thing?

Our capacity to see one another as fellow humans, to connect across differences, is the foundation of a liberal pluralist society. Yet skeptics say that what seems like empathy often may be another form of presumption, condescension or domination. In his 2016 book “Against Empathy,” the psychologist Paul Bloom argued that empathy can cloud rational judgment and skews toward people “who are close to us, those who are similar to us and those we see as more attractive or vulnerable and less scary.” The scholar and activist bell hooks 

He has sold his brain to the company but I’m not sure about his mind

I must be out of my mind

I’ve lost my mind.

I’m in two minds about your invitation.

Have you made up your mind?

I was in the wrong frame of mind yesterday to write an article about statistics. I don’t know whether I will ever get into that frame of mind again.

Does your wife mind that you have three girlfriends

No but they all mind about it themselves.

You can sell your soul but can you sell your mind?

I don’t mind if he goes to the pictures tonight or not.

She’s got a very rapid mind ;it’s it’s the fastest one in the university but sometimes it runs away with her.

Well my husband was very broad-minded which is more than I can say for that narrow minded woman my mother.

His mind was like a rapier and he killed anybody he wanted to

You have to exercise your mind sometimes. You could try learning algebra or taking at watercolour painting.

She has got a very deep mind but is it worthwhile to develop it?

His mind is as shallow as a goldfish bowl alright but they get on fine.

He has got the best mind in Oxford.

Can you find out where he got it from?.

Keep your mind still and do not let it wander.

Do I have the right to imprison my mind?

The mind has mountains sheer cliffs of fall.

She made up her face while waiting for him to make up his mind.

If you are not in your right mind where can you find your wrong minds? Maybe the wrong one is the right one for this occasion

Don’t let it get on your mind let it float away on the current.

I will go for a walk to clear my mind.

My mind was stuffed with trigonometric formulas

You’re too greedy by half. I don’t care for your behaviour

I don’t really mind either way

I will keep you in mind while you are sitting examinations.

Are you going to pray for me?

You will do well in my mind forever.

She wants a designer mind.

Who is going to replace God?

Will Vidal Sassoon change the size of woman’s hair forever.

Did God mind?

Can a mind be wounded?

The king was very weak minded

I thought you were going to say very meek. winded

Shouldn’t It be wound?

I don’t see why I should always use the language everybody else uses.

Would you mind it or would it bother you if they used words they invented?

I don’t know my own mind on that matter.

Well it doesn’t matter to me if you don’t mind. I won’t know whether I mind or not till my heart feels something

I wonder how minds can feel when thry5 have no hands

Well if your heart is touched by someone’s kindness you will start to understand but I hope you don’t mind me telling you this

I’m using ideas about religion to make the music

You are never alone with the devil

When you’re too old to sin God will still have his eye on you.

And you probably do have a guardian angel but it’s a human being.

The Mass is just a bigger and more interesting way I’m having a neighbours around for a meal. It’s a form of play,

Lonely People can always go to confession on Saturday night. The priest won’t ask you for a certificate of baptism. Norbwill they ask if you believe in God. What’s more important is that God believes in you

There are worse ways of passing the time than singing around the piano.

There is no devil ;5who needs Satan when they have relatives

Heaven is not a reward it’s an achievement.

You might as well trust in godcqbecause you can’t trust in man anymore.

Why can’t the Catholic church give people interest-free loans to buy food? A wafer bewon’t get you very far. Could there goes qq you toast and marmalade?@

I was a born Catholic but can I why the reborn?

Death is not so frightening when the worst thing that could happen is extinction

Yes there is a meaning to life. You have to find the path yourself but you need your friends to help.

No one can be totally independent.

Why not starts to have evening prayers with your cat? there may not believe in God but they understand your state of mind when you are meditating


Anyone ashamed their life to live

Who’s been cast out or down by those who are proud

Has got much wisdom to the world to give

Oh,we who feel ashamed to be alive

Gaze upon the cross where Jesus died

Religion can be dangerous when allowed

Images therein cannot be lies.

When full of shame you fear to live your life

Ignore the evil rantings of the proud


The strong can still humiliate the weak.

For the poor don’t always have the means to speak

The lonely and the anxious the bereft

The starving poor the ones with nothing left

Can they keep their pride or even minds?

In chains like slaves that cannot be unbound.

To live they must humiliate themselves.

Would you rather die than lose your wealth?

O shame O fear O rage kill off the heart

In this system we all play our part.

We keep our eyes in blinders vas we walk

We must not see the aliens that stalk.

The old that we don’t want to see

The old are now the lepers that we need

To show us how superior we feel.

Washed by carers who can never care.

No respect for boundaries when they’re bare 

The doctor does not want to get involved

Their latest symptoms never are resolved

Thet look as if they’re dead before they die

And worst of all they’re not allowed to cry.

Too old fly to anger or to rage

Their now life seems too short for a new page

How to Be a Better Friend – Smarter Living Guides – The New York Times

34How many close friends and relatives do you have with whom you feel at ease and can discuss private matters? How many of them do you see at least once a month? Do you participate in any groups? These are among the questions on a survey called the Berkman-Syme Social Network Index, which physicians use to determine whether someone is “socially isolated.” People are considered isolated if they have fewer than six confidants, no spouse and no group affiliations. Those conditions make them less likely to report that they have someone they can count on to listen if they need to talk, give advice about a problem or show them love and affection.