The second story I ever wrote

How my heart sings

“Your eyes are like deep pools in the  Indonesian ocean” he murmured into Annie’s ear.He gently took hold of her and pulled her down onto his knee.
Just as he did that, his Habitat chair collapsed and they  fell onto the floor.,the chair in bits around them.
Have you got your mobile,my sweetheart ?”he whispered romantically,
“I think you’ll have to ring 999.”OK,my  archangel” she  prattled,
” Operator,it’s my lover’s chair again.It keeps collapsing,can we bring into A and E to be fixed?”
“Well he can’t go to bed anymore so we really need this”
Just then a pebble hit the window,it was his wife coming back from Sainsburys” she’s lost her keys.
.Oh,wonderful,just at the right moment” he shouted,”Hello,mary,here is Annie,she’s a chair surgeon!”
“Oh,that’s good”, Mary muttered enigmatically,” Do you ever do beds?” “Why?”
“Well ours is always collapsing,another of life’s mysteries.”
“Why,you are so beautiful Mary,You are…

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Unless I love the lost too.

How my heart sings


  • I can’t love you
    without loving the whole world too.
    I can’t open my heart
    unless everyone can be part.

    Wait for me.
    I’m not afraid.
    Wait for me.
    I may be delayed.

    I see you in my mind,
    Smiling, sad and kind.
    I can’t love you
    Unless I love the lost too.

    Give me your hands
    Outstretched across the world.
    We’re all one
    Love has begun

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The walking frame and the smile

I saw you struggling with your walking frame
Guessed that you must suffer too much pain
I smiled because you caught my sidewards glance
Then  your face too by  smiling was enhanced

So  often older people are ignored
Lost and lonely hidden at the core
Once this man  fought in a  major war
I hope by some fine friend he was  restored

I saw him disappearing  down the  road
His posture more erect,  his back less bowed
And in my heart I felt the smiling too
 Enchanted by the essence , by the cue.

I got on a bus,  ignored my phone,
Smiling   still I  pushed the door key home

Enrich darkness with our gifts

From the sun, low in the sky,
Light falls slantwise to my eyes.
Trees bud, though invisibly,
Nothing that our eyes can see.

Bulbs shoot up from dark cold soil
Where worms and beetles quietly toil.
We take for granted air and sky,
Love the birds we see fly by.

But who can love the worms and slugs
And those creatures we call bugs?
So in our dark cold winter time,
Praise these creatures in the grime.

Without these worms, our crops would die.
No cornfields here for us to lie,
Amidst the poppies’   wild red  blooms.
So we forget all winter’s gloom

Praise the snails and bees and ants
For these and spiders, let’s give thanks.
As the lightness needs the dark,
From darkness come life-giving sparks.

Enrich darkness with our gifts.
Look not always to the swift.
Slow and patient like these worms,
Nature’s lowness is my theme

Where is my sinner?

Your dinner is on page 27.

Your dinner was eaten by a fox

Your leather handbag has tooth bites Who is it,?

We have no potatoes so I am leaving you.

I burned the pans so I have gone back to , Mother’s.

Mother’s boyfriend, to be precise.

The milkman needed me more than you do.So there!

I hid your dinner in the piano

The cats found it and also ate the strings.

I have ordered a pizza.Text me when it comes.Ta

Would you like cauliflower cheese without the cauliflower?

Or without the cheese?

Don’t bite the pullet

He suffered from botanic disorder for tears

His brother befriended Horror Know Us

Mother was my guest for months at a time.

Father escaped from prison before he said one sentence let alone a paragraph

Others were too polite to say they were flying

I am afraid of harpies the virus.

Should I blush don’t stare

My bubble was square.Am I an addict? To what ? To woo be who?