Religion is good manners

By Katherine 2013 digital art

Be polite and do not kill your friend

Share your food with others every day

Do not gossip,spite is not profound

Share your sorrows and let comfort stay

Treat the poor respectfully and well

Do not steal a woman from a man

The poor live close to God so there be still

Do not cause ill feelings to a man.

It’s all about good manners I perceive

Do not spoil our sojourn with your greed Re

I say

By Katherine

This is the best , poetry I have ever read (the first too)

You should read poetry out loud ( is it wise for beginners?)

Suppose you can’t read?

Learn it from a tape.

Bad poetry is that which aspires to be what it can never be.

Imitation is good for learning

Oh no

I shuddered lowly as a blouse

That blew straight off the washing line

All at once I saw a mound

A coastline thick with knicker frills

A lid

God is in and with the suffering not in church

By Katherine

One friend became an atheist till her grandson got cancer

Then she prayed

Let him get Better and I will start going to church again

Do we think God needs us to go to church?

He needs us to help the poor starving, suffering, lonely

Going to Church is for the Church


Did Jesus plan to build a Church?

It is ridiculous

Until rhyme

Apples by Katherine

What do you think of B.J ?

He is truly a man of the people.

Which people.?

He is very cunning

Like all snakes.

He went to Oxford..n

Anyone can go


The train from Paddington

It seems expensive now

Its cheaper than paying fees.

Anything is.

Except buying a house!!

BJ is a disgrace to our country

Like Oswald Mosley wasn’t

I feel ashamed to be English

You aren’t English

What a relief.Maybe I can reclaim Denmark

Did God promise that to your ancestors?


Why not

They worshipped boats

That was short sighted

They could not read or write

How ridiculous.Here even children can read and write

They talked instead.

How civilised

How gracious

How tenacious

How audacious

Guilt in Eden

Digital art by Katherine
By Katherine

For three weeks I had a virus so could not exercise.I was concerned because my muscles are not in the ideal condition

I mentioned it to someone who said

But it’s not your fault

That is true but our muscles will get weaker if we don’t use them for ANY reason.Whether it is our fault or not

The body does know why we don’t move It just reacts to how we use it

Oh for the happy days when we could fall over and get up again

With no injuries

An old man kissed my hand  outside a shop

How my heart sings

An old man kissed my hand  outside a shop
My hair was gleaming in the yellow sun
What surprise, what care, but what a shock

What grace there was in customs , mainly stopped
My face was bright, my  stockings had no runs
A man  just kissed my hand  outside a shop

I   should have done a selfie, what a cop!
I bet  he fell in love ,ah Beatrice won
What surprise, what care, but what a shock

He was not drunk, his  hands had just been mopped
I  had not  been  so  touched by anyone
Till this  man  kissed my hand  outside a shop

In a silent morning, love erupts
We know what’s passed but not what is to come
A man  just kissed my hand  outside a shop

Give us  our  applause, oh  come on,clap!
I think we’ve fallen off the usual map
An old man kissed my…

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Swallow my words

What is that animal on your head?

Most people call it hair

Why are you writing?

So you will go away

Is that sarcastic?

No,just sincere

Why are you so horrible?

God never said.

Surely you were not born to be rude

It seemed a good idea at the time.

What time?

Ask your clock.

We don’t talk to the clock

There is always a first time.

Do you eat coke?

No I drink it.

I just don’t know what to say

Then keep quiet,please.

I can’t keep quiet

Then I might lose my temper.

I don’t care

The door is in the hall.

Shall I take it ?

It’s hard to swallow a door.

Just leave it.

It’s rude.

So are you.

Abuse in France

Boris Johnson is a Catholic

So was Hitler

Catholic priests can’t marry

It’s cheaper to let them abuse children

But most men don’t have any Desire for abusing children

Makes me wonder,,. ,.,,…..

Don’t tell me that’s why they be became priests?

At least Hitler didn’t go to Church.Likely he’d have burned those to.Who wants to risk of being condemned from the pulpit?

Except they did not speak out.

My wife

Digital image by Katherine

My wife is unfaithful

Oh dear

She sleeps with me to annoy her boyfriend

Do you mind?

Well I gave up minding

Should you get divorced?

A good idea.She can be even more unfaithful.

You have an unusual mind.

It’s not difficult if you marry the right kind of woman

The wrong type, one might say

I talke your point

Where to?

Don’t tell me you have schizophrenia as well

Is that a sin?

How many times have you toyed with her?

She seems hard to penetrate.

Choose, your wife or schizophrenia

Why such black and white thinking

Is she Chinese?

No but I am


How my heart sings

Disoriented, lost,the wild goose flew

Seeking for its mate which lately died.

As if it never saw ànd never knew

The mourning song of doves is not a lie

So birds and other creatures share our pain

Hoping that the lost will soon return

Yet this is final, none will come again.

Unless we day dream, till we lose our way

Believing our own fantasies, we pay

And so our heart will freeze or it will burn.

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Musings at dawn

The purple mauve of morning fades away

The sky is soft pale blue,the sun is high

My light reflected in the melting dark

Looked like sunshine soft yet strangely stark

Then the light went out and I felt dim.

I cannot see but that is not a sin

I drank more tea and mused upon my life

Good and evil, fighting in the light

Let Love be strong and further love incite