Hearing aids United

They profit from an over sensitive tense sinful puma

He quaffs, lentil she cries.

Have you hot manure peering on?

Where are your tentacles. Goats feeding bed everyday

I’ll give you some cunning data.

Could you row toothy Stinks?

Where are you weeping insight?

She went to Mass without a pistol. She didn’t even have a bat.

Please Father I’d like to wake some repressions.

You are refusing me constantly

Through my coast ingenious missiles.

Do you consent?

Well I am a fairy

How many media sins today?

Through my most ingenious assault. my son was committed

For your menace pray for our father.

Am I my brother’s torture?

I can’t correspond you twat.

Please do not bare your quirks

What is the wine?

It is herbs funeral

I didn’t know you could blink after death

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