Bemused by love

How can love lead into lonely grief?

Why is human life intense but brief ?

Is grieving and the loss that brought it on

The way which human beings come undone ?

Will this teach us that we are of dust?

That we go down to earth as creatures must?

Icarus flew too high when filled with pride.

We must not take such images as slguides.

The worms that we encounter in the grave

Remind us all of Dover’s lonely waves

We are defined by dissolution death

We need no last reminders of our breath

The rippling waves

You are smiling on the pier above the sands
The rippling waves stretch out like children’s hands
You look so strong I cannot comprehend
Your fatal illness and its grievous end
You were not a patient on dry land
You were living well and ” feeling grand”
We crossed the road ; I held your cold thin hand
I suffered so much torment,would I mend?
I saw a fluid shape as dark it pranced
Through the open door it swiftly danced
Slipped in with the wiles of Tudor kings
Hoping they can make it on the wing
I learned with grief , it came to take you back
Across the river wide ,my love, my lack

Can a washing machine save you money or time?

With the current shortage of water try to use your washing machine only when it’s full unless you have a half load option. So for example if you live alone you will probably not need to wash your clothes every single day. Because of that you will need more than one set of clothing.

You may need more than one set of better than

Ast one time washing and drying clothes in the in the UK was quite a lengthy procedure. Even now tumble dryers are are expensive to run.

But if you think about it differently you could getaways owning fewer clothes..

A single father with two children who lived near us had almost empty wardrobes because he washed their clothes every night in the washing machine and must have dried them in the tumble dryer although I sometimes did see bed sheets hanging on the line in the garden

After the children went to bed he washed and dried their .clothes

I think many people must be as partly becausw theyvdon’t have enough money to buy a lot of clothes. And hus5.

You may think the clothes will wear out more quickly is there are being washed so much.

But for children it may be ok because they are growing so you don’t want to buy them too many clothes in one size because soon they will be by wearing the next size up.

The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to store many clothes. For adult women it might make life much easier.

Although nowvI have friends in different jobs and they say that the other women have a different outfit on every single day.

If that were me I would buy all my clothes in one colour like blue so they would not know where they were different from the day before l.

Washing machines can be expensive but relatively speaking they are cheaper than they were 10 years ago. And you don’t necessarily have to have the more expensive ones

If you have some spare time and you know the price of clothing and washing machines you could weigh up whether you would actually save any money.

The only very clear way of saving money on clothes it is not to wash them as much

I know if there’s a tiny mark on their clothes some people 0change into a new outfit.

In the past most people could not afford to buy many clothes so sometimes we wore out underwear for several girls because the big problem in Lancashire and Yorkshire is drying the washing. Lancashire is extremely wet and Yorkshire is generally very cold.

So so have a washing machine and a few clothes and the tumble dryer and you will manage ok

If you have a lot of clothes and a washing machine etc who you wouldn’t spend a long time dealing with them but you will spend more of your money and will need more cupboards in wardrobes to sort out your clothes.

If you can’t afford a washing machine then you must be very poor if you live in the United Kingdom

In that case you not own many clothes and you may feel I feel great disadvantage but it’s possible to learn to sew and to make yourself clothes or do many people do and a visit charity shops or second-handshops.

, Or buy and sell on eBay.

Let’s not spend too much time thinking about clothes because they are a means to an end. And that is life is for living and not for washing. You do not need a shower twice a day. And do not wash clothes if they are not dirty,

Put the Bible on the table

Isaac Newton put the boot in.

Marie Curie we adore her to

Albert Einstein gambled wine stains.

Robert Hook always looked.

The Hebrew Bible has gone viral.

David wrote the Psalms of note

Noah made a great big boat.

Cain killed Abel, cancel table.

Harold Wilson give me pills mum.

Why does Plato have no surname?

Aristotle gie us a cuddle.

Margaret Thatcher concord Leicester.

Old John Major do us a favour

Tony Blair Arabs pray.

I have delusions I won’t lose them.

And make me gay oh Lord I pray.

I like sex I like fun can I pat you on the bum?

Houses built of gold and sin

Ante mortem let us trust
For in the grave we turn to dust
Yet in life the poor are cursed
Our treatment post mortem is just.

The worms and beetles care no more
For the rich than for the poor.
They are happy to devour
Bankers,despots,every hour.

Ante mortem, greed does win
Houses built of gold and sin
But God,who lives in each within,
Cares no more for gold thann tin

If post mortem we are judged
Why does the rich person grudge?
Why do we refuse to budge
Up until the final nudge?

Throw away your heavy goods
Live like daisies by the woods..
Fear not hurricane nor floods
As daises grow even in mud.

More dependent on all power
We trust in madmen’s city towers.
Yet God told us to live like flowers…
To enjoy life for an hour.

Perception is no privilege.
We each have the wits to judge.
See and note where you have smudged
What your creation would allege.

Post and ante, even now
The currents of our hearts allow…
The inner sea which has its flow
To take us where we need to go

Mary crosses the road,alas.

Dotty cats
Mary had spotted her 98 year old frail yet virile husband Stan; he was across the main road talking to a young blonde and beauteous woman with a pink briefcase and a set square
Mary ran over the road in front of all the traffic as she was terrified of Stan getting another mistress on top of Annie
Hi,I am Mary, she said boldly yet a trifle nervously as well.
I am called Sabrina. I’m a mathematician too, like you, over for a year from Babylon and Babel University USA
Why,hello,Sabrina.Stan loves clever women and any other sort,artists,cooks,teachers,… and in your case,you also have great beauty,she said indiscreetly.
Hi Mary,Stan told me you were out buying some vaseline in the pharmacy down the other end of the town.He invited me to coffee.
Oh,damn,I must have had a senior moment.It was that Jazz Band that distracted me.I forgot about the Vaseline..
Come on,ladiesno arguing,said Stan as he led them into a brand new coffee shop staffed by delightful smiling Turkish people.He ordered three cappuccinos plus some milk for Emile who was in his backpack with his head sticking out snoozing and dreaming of seeing the Queen in her Palace.
They all sat down by the windows and gazed at the folk passing by in some rather unusual clothing.Emile was sad there were no other cats around but hippies there were a plenty.Has 70’s fashion come back?
Sabrina was wearing a short pink velvet dress on her curvaceous body and green high heeled shoes on her feet and nothing on her legs as it was summer.Even so she was a bit smarter than everyone else.
Don’t you find wearing velvet is to warm in the summer ?,asked Mary.She was wearing a long teal cotton dress and some open toed purple plastic sandals from Italy.
Well,it’s cotton velvet,Sabrina told her.Most in the shops is made from polyester now.I made this myself.I enjoy sewing my own clothes and darning moth holes.Viscose is good too.It drapes well.
I have never took to sewing,Mary told her nervously.I was afraid of the electric sewing machine at school and my mother was very impatient with me.She seemed to think sewing came naturally to females. Still,it’s probably cheaper nowadays to buy your clothes ready made.But choice is lacking for older stout women like me,she continued .I like wool coats as padded ones make me sweat especially in the shops.And,it’s my face which sweats.I can’t put antiperspirant there…
No,it is likely to give you a rash and anyway the body needs to sweat to get rid of toxins,Sabrina informed her scientifically as if Mary had no wits.
I don’t mind sweating lower down, like on my legs or feet,Mary said.
But it’s embarrassing giving a lecture on why e is an algebraic number with rivulets of water running down my face washing off my foundation cream and powder..though do the students notice? And anyway the students don’t seem to care really about these amazing numbers.
Yes,that is a real problem,Sabrina said wisely.I never knew anyone still wore powder.I like creme de mousse foundation myself.It seems to stick ok.As for the students,maybe they just don’t let on that they care.
Meanwhile Stan sat and gazed pensively at Emile……..he rolled his eyes and Emile smiled in his cat manner; that is,he grinned.
I came here to talk lovingly to sweet Sabrina,not to listen to both women discussing sweat and antiperspirants.,Stan continued to the listening cat…Why did Mary have to spot me? I only wanted a word from Sabrina,
Well,life is what happens when we are busy washing out our pans,Emile told him peevishly.
I don’t think that is quite right,said Stan.John Lennon had that song…Beautiful boy,I think..was that it?
And I have already washed all the pans and hoovered the ceilings…
Well,you see, much of life is out of our control.That’s why people like to take the Bible literally.They prefer to think End Times are here, than to realise life is always changeable and unpredictable.Anything seems better than uncertainty or doubt.Yet that is mostly what we are subject to and evolved in line with in a very real sense,putting it at its most basic.
How have you found teaching topology,Mary asked Sabrina.Is it going down like a hot jam doughnut would to a starving gorilla,as it were should they ever be offered one which seems unlikely except in a zoo.
I find it’s more fun than teaching logarithms,she continued,and exponentials some people find that a tough topic,
Yes,I love teaching topology and functional analysis.
Blimey, thought Stan, this is even worse than sweat and antiperspirants.I hate maths.Why I married Mary,GOK.I guess it was her eyes.And her hair… and look at it now,,, she’s going bald.Still,she’s been a good conpanion.
I use lily of the valley soap,he cried,interrupting the ladies.
Why, are you a swinger? asked Sabrina with interest.
No,I just use whatever Mary is using.I have no choice
Why don’t you buy him some soap smelling of parsley or potatoes,she asked Mary.Or can he not buy some himself?
Why, can you get that? Mary responded.Coal tar is one we tried but he hates it…I think for men there’s not a lot of choice…
But,Sabrina cried,A man smelling of lilies of the valley might cause a disturbance,even a riot, in a small town like this.
Why should women have all the lovely smells and men smell of coal tar and smoke? Stan asked.
Men like flowers too,you know.
The ladies looked at him with wonder as they sipped their lovely large cappuccinos and ate their hot cross iced buns.
I never thought of that before,Mary said.We shall have a talk about it later on.
Neither did I,Sabrina added.. this is not related to my own work but my fiance is a psychologist and he’d like to know about it.I think it’s a new field of study for which a large grant might be available from this idiot government,
Alright,ladies… time to go.Emile needs his dinner and I do too..So off they went all wrapped in their thoughts like feathers stuck inside a fluffy pillow on a big bed.As Rasputin might have put it on a good day,if you catch my drift or take the hint.If not,please try again later.
Not what anyone had expected…but change is good for us,surely? It staves off boredom
Now we can wonder what sort of soap Dave,the delightful paramedic wears.. and does he use a 48 hour deodorant..?And if so,why?
Please wait calmly as excitement wears people out.I am not responsible if you fall over your own feet or get your head in a whirl nor if you go to bed with a milkman or woman.Good night.

Meeting a person’s eyes

corot woman

Algernon Charles Swinbourne (1837-1909)
Balliol College Portraits: 139 Oil on canvas, 18×13, 1860. Poole number

The face to face encounter and its ethical meaning/implications is at the heart of  the philosopher Levinas‘ thought possibly based on his experience of the Holocaust.He had previously studied with Heidegger which is ironic as Heidegger joined the Nazi Party in 1933.This shows intelligence is not enough in making decisions especially in politics
One day I was thinking over some personal events relating to this.
Before my husband died,I went shopping and then went into a cafe and found myself just behind an ex-colleague whom  I regard [note the word] as friend.I could see her husbandsitting at the back of the cafe.She did mutter,
Hello,but  instead of  meeting me eye to eye and  saying
“My husband wants to be alone”,she went through an elaborate pantomime of mime indicating rejection or keep a distance…which was unpleasant.I would been much happier with a straightforward look and a few words.
Later I had a similar event.I met a woman who used to be my physiotherapist again in a queue.She looked at me full on and greeted me  with pleasure.As she picked up  her tray she asked me to join her and her husband plus a grandchild.We had a pleasant time.But if she had said,we are with our family and want to be alone,or whatever,that would have been fine too.because she looked at me
I am not saying the first woman ought to have done that.But what interests me is the lack of a willingness to “meet” me with her gaze.I  am entirely happy if people wish to be alone whilst the have coffee but I prefer them to say so.I was always in a hurry then and finished before they did.But they didn’t know then about  our problems.
Some individuals with autism are almost unable to make eye contact…. and this is because others are not real to  them; they are afraid.

If we are near someone who will not meet our eyes,it can convey the same feeling.On the other hand,every one has off days and so I feel no anger,just a discomfort as this woman is very articulate and highly educated.I think her husband is  a bit controlling.
So this made me think about Levinas and about Martin Buber‘s I and Thou
There is also an expression,”he looked right through me”which is also a negative way of facing someone.And also,Cutting someone dead.
Essentially not looking at someone is a form of killing them as you imply they are not part  of society.Like not responding  to someone verbally or in writing.You are saying,You do not exist.At one time in  the distant past people did actually die when they were excluded from the community

Eye Contact (

You only have 7 Seconds to Make a First Impression!(

Wits of stone

Photo0335 2

By Kate
L.Wittgenstein- Hell, wits of stone?
Bertrand Russell- Hairbands Rustle >Women tussle
A N Whitehead- Uninvited; And was blighted.
Principia Mathematica—Pin chips here where’s your laughter?@aaa alphabetically.Computer spam-kingKurt Godel–Clot burbles.Hurt hurdles;Flirt Girdles
David Hilbert- Raves of Hell -Flirt
Isaac Newton-Raise the Roofing.Fry Zack Croutons
Leibniz- Fried nits.Delight Fritz
Hooke’s Laws of Motion–Book calls for Emotion
Archimedes-Ark of freebies.Hark! He needs Ease
Edward Elgar -Led towards Hell Far
Queen Victoria- Keen to pore over me.
Benjamin Disraeli—- Send men to Australia. Clench them in Fizz, really
Bedlam disables you.
Clement Attlee-Repent after me.Lemons at sea.Pennants can Wee.
Winston Churchill—Won some Birch Bill.
Stephen Hawkings- see any parking? Raving hawk kills.