A fashion pilgrim

  • She who would feminine be,
  • when winds are blowing,
    Must set her hair with glue,
    Especially if it’s snowing,.
    There’s no weather can beat
    A bag of rollers with electric heat.
    She will make good her style
    At least for a little while,
    She’ll look both jolly and neat,
    Unlike a pilgrim.
  • She who would fashionable be, Nik and complete
  • Quite unlike a pilgrim

  • She’ll do whatever she wants
    Despite Satan’s taunting
    She’ll make us all feel gay
    Just like a fashion pilgrin

Maps are no more certainties than hints.

My heart is like a rowing boat adrift

Whose occupant has fallen overboard

The empty vessel drifts through deep sea mist.
And in those pearl filled ears the deep sea roars.
Just as the boat drifts mapless, so do I.
My maps were drawn for quite another sea
My captain’s taken leave and now I cry
As if that drowned soul might just be me.
Yet on the sea bed mysteries abound;
Such wonders and such magic there displayed.
I wonder if it is my lot drown
And to a memory then quickly fade.
Maps are no more certainties than hints.
Between the lines hides gold from other mints.


the flat wide green of Essex seem so large

then Epping Forest thickens by its side

filled with diverse birds the tree tops stir

Waving in the wind which they defy

the flat land is for farmers and for hares

In the autumn fires throw flames up high.

It seems the Earth is burning where we lay

our bodies and our love sigh into air

Don’t die before you’re dead


If you have no interests except  to lie in bed..

why not join an evening class?

Don’t die before you’re dead.

If you’re living all alone how desolate is that?

Go down to the pet shop and find a wicked cat.

If you wanted children but never found their dad.

Why not offer foster care

And love the lost instead?

 Remember we have just one

life and quickly that goes by.

Don’t keep waiting for your fate.

We are all going to die.T

There’s no one love there’s no one job

‘Luck’s what the brave can find.

Don’t sit down and wait for luck

It’s such a waste of time

In a random manner

Learn to be untidy when you’re middle-aged.

Ideas breed right on the page as they are engaged

Take the dog’s tail off the dog. Because you want to wag

Throw your clothes and hats and scarves into a Black bag

Change the sheets just once a year

because we have a drought.

You don’t need a tea pot

You only need a spout.

Take the Guardian everyday

I never read the rest

The Telegraph is too far right and we are going left

Mix the knifes and forks and spoons in a random manner

And toss in your paper knife and a rusty spanner

Can you spend the next 3 years sorting out the house?

We are made of rubber now

We’ll just have to bounce a@

Muddle through the day

A muddled mind is one step on the way

Clarity takes time with thinking rare.

If we run from muddles we’re delayed.

Start with preparation not dismay.

Everybody clings to their own prayers

Before it’s done the laggards want their pay.

The means are like the end in many ways

To understand we must just persevere

Does a baby cry?

Sitting in an ambulance with your knees raised up too high.

Lurching through the traffic ofmade me want to cry

I asked him for some water all they had was red bull “beer”.

I was too dehydrated to produce a single tear,

We saw the Northern suburbs were we going to Golders Green?

I thought we might see Jesus looking rather mean.

In my bright red handbag my phone began to ring.

I was feeling nervous so I nearly bit my tongue.

Hello my dear a woman said

We can’t see you today.

My appointment had beenbeen cancelled

I didn’t know what to say.

NHS unfunded do they want the Old to die?

Am I feeling anxious? Does a baby cry?