No fool

When the sun was coming higher in the sky

And little green leaves unfolding like petals

I thought I could open in the hot sun and feel the air on bare skin

But you didn’t want me to, you wanted me to fold another way

Like forged banknotes curl over in the fire and mother puts the kettle on.

The descent of the sun is too fast and to precipitate

Go slow go slow sun

0 those at the river by the dry stone wall

They will see it all

The stars little eyes in the sky

The moon sings why?

The burn summer grass can’t reply

And the evening sighs

0 let me grab you whole

I don’t know where it catches you

Is it the throat or the heart that breaks as it speaks?

On the dry stone wall she’s sitting she’s so tall

Too eager,that speed can destroy

Desire overburdens when the fire is too total too hot

And field mice hide in the wainscot

Sacramental ,love must be offered free where it can be found

And the trees moan in the stiff breeze a high sound

0h the niece decree is truly as absolute

As the swaying trees sing like a ship on the sea

S many people will drown in this English history

Threat in the West Pennines

Lost daughter on the wild moor

It’s gone dark too early

January love son hanging from the tree.

The sky is grey with anguish.

Do not offer me a mirror nor break the glass.

Throw salt over your left shoulder to stop the dead from haunting you.

They need to settle into their graves and sleep away their doom.

The grey ghosts look through the window but there was no light.

He couldn’t connect with anyone

The sharp knife has cut the cord

The veil between the worlds is fragile.

Leonard Cohen singing hallelujah

And Suzanne begging.

Was her name taken in vain?

Could anything have stopped her?

Montreal that’s a very big river

What is this supposed to be?

Lenovo is here

Can you speak English?

I can but I won’t.

You make me very angry sometime

No you make yourself hungry because you make too many demands for perfection

Well can’t we be perfect?

You mind might be but your bowels may be up The creek.

What sort of creak.

Welt how many sorts of creek are there?

A creak is the name for a noise that furniture makes or wooden floorboards when people walk on the more pushing it’s a bit like a squeak but looks more deep. In soubd

Lenovo is a computer manufacturer not a person all it’s possible that there are some peace in the world who I called by the phone name but I haven’t met my them.

0 let’s sing god didn’t make little green apples

I don’t like green apples I prefer red ones but I like greengages

Why do you think that I am interested in that?

Well it’s a test.

So why don’t you eff off?

I would rather g off.

And I’d rather have a cough goodbye

The poor

When the fruit has rotted on the stalk
Bruised and broken like the lost in need
When  leaders meet  but rarely truly talk
When children caught in cross fire lie and bleed

Don’t we see God’s Kingdom is a joke?
One hundred million deaths in two world wars
Not quick death but tortured bodies broke
They lost once and  love dies in their gore

Utopia, evolution, grandiose plans
Sacrifice yourself for those to come
We saw  the  little children hand in hand
Ground mines blew them up, they could not run

One thing’s clear, God’s here or not at all
The  future’s fiction, theatre   forms  the soul

Heaven above

If ¹111 heaven is full of peace and love and joy then I can tell you you there are not many human beings in there.

A valid argument would need each side to treat the other with absolute respect

As far as We know valid arguments are very very rare.

And valid

Valid arguments in the United Kingdom do not take place in the House of commons

Samsung and Delilah

Samsung and Delilah

If only Eve had not bought an apple  iPhone

Yahoo punished Adam severely

Was Asus the son of God too?

God said, why are you here, you liar?

Elijah invented Intel,computers and chips. but not pizza

I’ll be judge and I’ll be jury,said cunning old Fury

I have seen the Light on Google Drive

The Cloud of Unknowing is not a good place to save your poetry

He filed me under “wonder” on One Drive

One Drive,One G-d, One World

Where is Ogle Drive?

Yeshua did many lyricals.He was Leonard Cohen,we have found to our surprise

The still small choice

Be good enough

By Katherine


  1. Choices: – Studies indicate perfectionism is associated with the decision making process of maximization (Bergman, Nyland & Lawerence, 2007). This is looking for the most optimal outcome when it comes to making a decision. The perfectionist wants to make the perfect choice. The combination of perfectionism and New York City can be problematic because of the abundance of options. What therapist should I choose? Who should I date? What job do I take? The perfectionist weighing these options can become exhausted, experience self-doubt and fantasies of the road not traveled. They are hyper aware of all the possibilities. Too many choices can lead to inaction (Iyengar, & Lepper 2000). Non-action and indecisiveness can contribute significantly to depression.