What is this supposed to be?

Lenovo is here

Can you speak English?

I can but I won’t.

You make me very angry sometime

No you make yourself hungry because you make too many demands for perfection

Well can’t we be perfect?

You mind might be but your bowels may be up The creek.

What sort of creak.

Welt how many sorts of creek are there?

A creak is the name for a noise that furniture makes or wooden floorboards when people walk on the more pushing it’s a bit like a squeak but looks more deep. In soubd

Lenovo is a computer manufacturer not a person all it’s possible that there are some peace in the world who I called by the phone name but I haven’t met my them.

0 let’s sing god didn’t make little green apples

I don’t like green apples I prefer red ones but I like greengages

Why do you think that I am interested in that?

Well it’s a test.

So why don’t you eff off?

I would rather g off.

And I’d rather have a cough goodbye

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