Losing ourselves

Down the lonely pathways of the heart

Unimagined pain is waiting here

The widowed wander silently at night

As the teeth of dread will clearly bite

The cold grim clutch of death feels just like fear

Down the lonely pathways of the heart

Those who come together one day part

Shadows and reflections haunt with jeers

The widowed wander silently all night

Out of mind but not yet out of sight

Widow’s dressed in grey shed many tears

Down the too fraught pathways of the heart

While we grieve our mind makes up new charts

Longing for the dawn to dry the tears

The widows have no purpose in the nigh

Would we had some destiny more clear

Could we find another love so dear?

0b all the lonely pathways of the heart

The desolate wander seeking peace in flight

God spoke too soon

If God had been sensible who would have dictated The Bible to the English as that would have avoided as reading a Bible which has been translated through several other languages such as Aramaic Greek Hebrew Latin one after the other so there’s no way it can be exactly what it was in the the first version ml

Elijah didn’t speak English. He didn’t call the voice of god

The still small voice

That version is one possible translation of what was thought at the time.