Fear and anxiety about the heating bills for the coming winter

With the latest predictions of how much gas and electricity will be costing us

It may be a good time to emigrate to a hotter country.

That’s hard to believe at the moment because we don’t need any heating because it’s 28 degrees outside and rising.

It’s too hot but we can’t save that heat.

Everyone here here is getting very anxious about it. I am already in debt because of some errors in my electricity readings.

Can I take a sleeping bag to the public library?

It might remind you you that during world war II a lot of people in London had t0o sleep in the underground.

At least we are not being bombed at the moment ;who can tell what will happen with Russia?

My feet are getting thinner

Trees in my garden Katherine

Since I lost weight my fingers have gone thin

Now my toes and feet are joining in

My red shoes are too big and fall right off

If I even try to have a cough

My wedding ring is now a size too wide

Must I marry now, I am no bride.

Maybe I could marry my own self

Although I will not bring gigantic wealthy

It will rationalise my longing for a ring.

Am I egocentric what do you think?

The the haystack was a liar

Mothers are familiar with bums

With bitten nipples colic in the tum

Was it for this they wore a wedding gown

Bore a heavy child without a frown

Fingers stained with nicotine and shit.

Now stir the dinner wash the baby kit

They did not know the nearness of their Doom

In the haystacks sunny afternoon .

Father in the coal mine black with dust

The tin bath waiting mother filled with lust.

There has to be a cat before the fire

A blackened kettle bows,it’s Lancashire.

Tea that makes your hair curl help them on.

They stumble up the stairs to bed again

What’s satire to the rich with their plum tones

Is near the truth, the rickets in the bone

What’s the Best Way to Cope in an Anxious World? Do Something. – The New York Times


My view is that life is always uncertain as another young person in my extended family Ihas been diagnosed with cancer. But you can shut these things out and carry on with our work and life but now there is so many things happening that we get overwhelmed but we are still better off than most of the people in the world and than our ancestors. In this country we still have the NHS but it’s taking longer to getsmv things done because of covid-19 Katherine


This week, the American Psychological Association reported the results of its annual Stress in America Survey. Worries about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and global uncertainty were high on the list. Psychologists say that nobody should be shamed or feel guilty for feeling anxious. People with anxiety who have been triggered by world events should seek support and counseling. Medications may also be prescribed to help people manage anxiety.


The ancient wall

It pleases me to see an ancient wall.

Inside the garden hear the blackbirds call.

How we we used to sit there in the sun.

I sit here waiting but you cannot come

For your time on earth has now been done

Not a prison sentence not locked up.

I said goodbye with kisses on your lips.

I still feel your presence in the night.

I can feel your warm just by my side