What’s the Best Way to Cope in an Anxious World? Do Something. – The New York Times


My view is that life is always uncertain as another young person in my extended family Ihas been diagnosed with cancer. But you can shut these things out and carry on with our work and life but now there is so many things happening that we get overwhelmed but we are still better off than most of the people in the world and than our ancestors. In this country we still have the NHS but it’s taking longer to getsmv things done because of covid-19 Katherine


This week, the American Psychological Association reported the results of its annual Stress in America Survey. Worries about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and global uncertainty were high on the list. Psychologists say that nobody should be shamed or feel guilty for feeling anxious. People with anxiety who have been triggered by world events should seek support and counseling. Medications may also be prescribed to help people manage anxiety.


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