Depression Therapy NYC | Why New Yorkers are So Depressed? The Role of Perfectionism

YAvoid Black and White Thinking: This type of thinking is extreme and puts experiences into broad categories as either good or bad. There is no middle ground or grey area. For example, the perfectionist who make a mistake may view themselves as total failure. A more realistic, balanced perspective would be to avoid globally defining yourself by a situation. A mistake does not define who you are in totality. Making a mistake does not mean you are incompetent. Every successful person makes mistakes.

  1. 3 Choices: – Studies indicate perfectionism is associated with the decision making process of maximization (Bergman, Nyland & Lawerence, 2007). This is looking for the most optimal outcome when it comes to making a decision. The perfectionist wants to make the perfect choice. The combination of perfectionism and New York City can be problematic because of the abundance of options. What therapist should I choose? Who should I date? What job do I take? The perfectionist weighing these options can become exhausted, experience self-doubt and fantasies of the road not traveled. They are hyper aware of all the possibilities. Too many choices can lead to inaction (Iyengar, & Lepper 2000). Non-action and indecisiveness can contribute significantly to depression.

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