Can a washing machine save you money or time?

With the current shortage of water try to use your washing machine only when it’s full unless you have a half load option. So for example if you live alone you will probably not need to wash your clothes every single day. Because of that you will need more than one set of clothing.

You may need more than one set of better than

Ast one time washing and drying clothes in the in the UK was quite a lengthy procedure. Even now tumble dryers are are expensive to run.

But if you think about it differently you could getaways owning fewer clothes..

A single father with two children who lived near us had almost empty wardrobes because he washed their clothes every night in the washing machine and must have dried them in the tumble dryer although I sometimes did see bed sheets hanging on the line in the garden

After the children went to bed he washed and dried their .clothes

I think many people must be as partly becausw theyvdon’t have enough money to buy a lot of clothes. And hus5.

You may think the clothes will wear out more quickly is there are being washed so much.

But for children it may be ok because they are growing so you don’t want to buy them too many clothes in one size because soon they will be by wearing the next size up.

The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to store many clothes. For adult women it might make life much easier.

Although nowvI have friends in different jobs and they say that the other women have a different outfit on every single day.

If that were me I would buy all my clothes in one colour like blue so they would not know where they were different from the day before l.

Washing machines can be expensive but relatively speaking they are cheaper than they were 10 years ago. And you don’t necessarily have to have the more expensive ones

If you have some spare time and you know the price of clothing and washing machines you could weigh up whether you would actually save any money.

The only very clear way of saving money on clothes it is not to wash them as much

I know if there’s a tiny mark on their clothes some people 0change into a new outfit.

In the past most people could not afford to buy many clothes so sometimes we wore out underwear for several girls because the big problem in Lancashire and Yorkshire is drying the washing. Lancashire is extremely wet and Yorkshire is generally very cold.

So so have a washing machine and a few clothes and the tumble dryer and you will manage ok

If you have a lot of clothes and a washing machine etc who you wouldn’t spend a long time dealing with them but you will spend more of your money and will need more cupboards in wardrobes to sort out your clothes.

If you can’t afford a washing machine then you must be very poor if you live in the United Kingdom

In that case you not own many clothes and you may feel I feel great disadvantage but it’s possible to learn to sew and to make yourself clothes or do many people do and a visit charity shops or second-handshops.

, Or buy and sell on eBay.

Let’s not spend too much time thinking about clothes because they are a means to an end. And that is life is for living and not for washing. You do not need a shower twice a day. And do not wash clothes if they are not dirty,

I welcome comments and criticism

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