Save a bit more money with handkerchiefs etc

When I was going to university my mother walked to the station with me and she said to me I don’t think your landlady will boil a handkerchief for you so you have to use tissues.

I had never seen a tissue then.

I bought a box the next day and unsure of how many to use I restricted myself to one a day because I couldn’t spend a lot Of course if you had a cold you would need more than one I think.

During the covid-19 epidemic it was really important to use tissues and to dispose of them safely so as not to spread infection.

However they are quite expensive and we had a shortage in the iUnited Kingdom as well ;so what else could you do do?

Well you could buy some handkerchiefs instead and we used to boil ours in a pan on the coal fire in the evening.

I expect you could wash them in the washing machine on a very hot wash when you’re doing towels and sheets.

But I would not recommend this when you have a cold flu or any other infection.

At one time women had to used towels when they were menstruating that is pieces of towelling which were fastened to their knickers with safety pins.

This was not very comfortable and even if you’re short of money it seems to be too extreme because also it’s not very safe and the blood can easily leak onto your clothing.

There are things like menstrual cups made of plastic that you can use which I imagine would save money in the long run but that’s up to any individual woman.

What a surprise after all these years dl to bevwondering whether one can afford to use tissues to blow one’s nose or wipe ones lips etc

It is also better for the planet if we are careful with using paper or cardboard so that we do not ruin in the world by lack of thought and it will save a little money for anyone.

You go out for coffee or a meal and if you have paper napkin provided then if you don’t use it you could take that home and cut it in half and useb each half as a substitute for a paper hanky

If you save 50p a day letting £180 in the year.

0r it is £3.50 a week which will still pay for a large cappuccino.

Please don’t stop using toilet paper. Unless you are a homeless person and in that case you may be able to use a public comlnvenience where there should be toilet paper.

I welcome comments and criticism

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