How would we like to dress?

Why should we want to wear a certain kind of clothing just because some famous person wears it?

Perhaps you don’t have any ideas of your own about what you’d like to wear. But these people may not have chosen the clothes themselves. They may be being paid to wear them by some firm or designer. They may not even like them

So stop looking at other people Do you not know what you like?

You may like to think about a few relevant possibilities.

For myself I like to wear colours that appeal to me I like blue. I used to like very bright colours and I still do up to a point. Does colour matter to you you?

Then wear muted colours such as grey especially if you are going out. Initial muted colour

Do you like to be inconspicuous in the street?

If it does not you could dress ini black or another neutral colour. Some people do this anyway because it makes life simpler. Other people wear just two or three colours like beige black and light cream.

Restricting the colours to two or three means that you will never have a problem matching clothes together

Similarly do you like prints and patterns or plain colours? It’s much easier if you leave out prints. You can get a scarf which has several colours in if you feel that would be fun to wear.

You need some shoes. You will probably already have got these but they should not clash with your clothing colours

Di you u fancy wearing bright red shoes and you know that’s what you want regardless of what other people wear ? Choose what you want

If you are are living on a small income you may not be able to wear exactly what you want but you can get near it.

If you have got clothes and you hate them, sell them on eBay or give them for charity

Save the money I’m sure you’ll find something you like later.

You don’t have to dress in avway that is dictated to you.

It’s better to enjoy your own choices f you have no interest in clothes just buy things in one colour and forget about it

Or go to charity shops and see if you can find something more interesting add to your very simple and plain outfits

We should try to enjoy as much of life as we can whether it is having good friends finding a job that we like or simply having fun bwith our clothing.

I welcome comments and criticism

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