Make your own milk pudding

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on
cold glass breakfast milk

This pudding can be enriched by adding a beaten egg to the dry mix with the milk
then cookingas below

I’ve not tried it yet but did used to make a similar one with burnt sugar

2 oz cornflour
1 oz Cocoa [ or I oz cornflour and some vanilla essence/ almond etc]
2 oz sugar

I pint of milk

Mix the dry ingredients with a little milk till smooth
Heat the rest of the milk then pour the coca mixture in and stir constantly to prevent lumps

It should thicken and then you pour it into a dish.It will set like blancmange

If you do get lumps liquidise it before it thickens then carry on.A hand blender shaped like a wand can be used directly into the pan and you can get them quite cheaply.I seem to have three ! I can’t count or measure.I only do algebra to avoid numbers as much as possible

2 thoughts on “Make your own milk pudding

    1. Glad you like the photo.,It is quite startling in its way.I keep meaning to make milk puddingd but forgot th equantities so having found them i thought some people might liketo try it out.Save a bit of money too.It was in an old Katie Srewart Cookery Book from about 1972! I like to look at my old cookery books.The seventies ones had far more recipes and fewer pictures, if any.Now it’s all image making
      If you have ever made a white sauce there is something magical about the moment it thickens
      My onlycomplaint about Katie Si s a lemonmousse which had far more gelatine than was correct.My visitors ate it but it was like rubber.I expect they were so hungry they didn’t notice at all.Thanks for your comment,Mike.Maybe you will send a photo when you make a pudding…..!


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