Before we were dead

Before the referendum
Before I rang 999
When I didn’t know how near the end you were

Before Nigel Farage
Jo Cox
The lies of Michael Gove
Before Boris Johnson’s genes left Turkey

Before Leonard Cohen sang,save the last waltz for me
Before I heard Suzanne
Before you haemmoraged the bathroom into wine
Before you consecrated the bread
Before you were dead

Before by a journalist we were led
Before children said,fuck everything
Before Cohen died
Dylan got the Nobel Prize

Before aspirations were merely for another shag and a new denim hat
Before marriage was for licking each others’ groins
What poems fell dead
And the snow fled
Before the hatred of slow reading came and glued itself to our minds
Then we had the hottest September
In December
And the ice cap floated down the globe
Observed by toads

When you were still alive
And the lawn was unmowed



t’s similar to a pun

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When will you put the kettle on?
I’m not going dancing in a kettle,mother.

How do you feel today?
The same as yesterday, with my fingers

Are you coming home?
No, I’m going

Are you good at typing?
While in the class, yes.

What is in your pocket?
It can’t speak

Did you find any shells?
Clearly not, or I would not be here

My grandfather was a miner
Coal or land?

My parents died.Where are they?
They waved before drowning

Do you like riding horses?
I’ve never met one

What time is dinner?
What space?

I am too sensitive they say.I laughed at griefs

Why do people generalise?
Ask yourself!

Why are others so stupid?
They think the same way

Am I worthy of salvation
If you are,you don’t need it

Not the words we read

Do not rush about when under stress
You may fall and bang your tender head
With agitation caused by business

Rather than do more, we must do less
Do it slowly till it’s time for bed
Do not rush about when under stress

Do not ruminate nor second guess
Grace is blocked,imagination led
By agitation caused by business

Slowness leads some space, so slowness bless
In tune with nature, not the words we read
Do not rush about when under stress

If you are a hare,keep from excess
If a tortoise,you’ll end up ahead
No agitation caused by business

The lilies of the field by grace are fed
And so our hearts are when our burden’s shed
Do not rush about when under stress
With agitation causing grief to living flas