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Wordsworth’s Views on Poetic Truth

Aristotle was the fist who declared poetic truth to be superior to historical truth. He called poetry the most philosophic of all writings. Wordsworth agrees with Aristotle in this matter. Poetry is given an exalted position by Wordsworth in such a way that it treats the particular as well as the universal. Its aim is universal truth. Poetry is true to nature. Wordsworth declares poetry to be the “image” or “man and nature”. A poet has to keep in mind that his end (objective) is to impart pleasure. He declares poetry will adjust itself to the new discoveries and inventions of science. It will create a new idiom for the communication of new thoughts. But the poet’s truth is such that sees into heart of things and enables others to see the same. Poetic truth ties all mankind with love and a sense of oneness.

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  1. Dear Katherine, I’ve just been reading Wordsworth and am happy to find your post. Seems to me one of the special beauties of poetry (poetry, fiction, and drama) is that its philosophies need no special terminology to understand it. In fact, the plainer the language the better (to me at least). Just today I was readeding David Hume, the empiricist and wonderead what exactrly an empiricits is–depends on who you ask–and the images of potery can be magnificent in a way abstract language can never be.
    Best wishes, David

    1. Hello David,I agree and wish all poets were willing to communicate in ordinary language.There can be such riches in one image.Even when I write a poem myself I find things in it I did not consciously put there.I suppose a bit like dreams.I’ve just been studying a bit of Keats.Imagine he was only 25 when he died yet was so wise.I wonder if our schools don’t give children what they most need.It’s a thorny subject.I hope what I write can be read by anyone even if they left school at 15 .Some people like that are wiser than one might imagine.I gave my book to such a one and she has read a good deal of it.I think it’s too big but never mind.I’ll do it differently if I do another.All the best,Katherine

  2. I think that whoever reads your poetry will find rare beauty in it, the result of your talent and craft.

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    1. If there is a partiular poet or topic you are interrested in then put that in a comment.I don’t communicate via FB.Thank for visiting my blog,Katherine

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