As in the suds I sing , I love you so.

Oh tin bath dear I hold you very  dear
As by a hot coal fire, I wash my ear
Where Mum has got the water, I don’t know
As in the suds I sing  , I love you so.

For in the bath, our forebears also sang
As in the woods they lived with no broadband.
And after many years they  understood
They could talk   outside the bath of dirty mud.

It did not seem like dirt to  people then
As they were often travellers   with the pen
Cleanliness it relative, you see.
Some of us were brought up with grey knees.

But relaxation opens up our chords
And in the woods they bathed and sang like birds
Is it better shopping  the King’s Road
Or daubing all your family in blue woad?

As singing spreads the words each separate.
So every whispering can circulate.
After that,it’s voices in the head
And to asylums, we are swiftly  led

So if we  had stayed uncivilised ,unclean
Would our mental health have better been?
For if we do not speak in words and songs
The hidden voices would not make us wrong.

After all, who ever did decide
We are not allowed to hear from our inside?
Only words from  other  folk are sound
While voices in the head are cruelly blamed.

Far better to make friends with  voices all,
Than struggle through that boring shopping mall.
And don’t use power to label me as mad,
If looking at our world makes me feel sad.


Of mental comfort and the power to know.

Oh book on Wittgenstein, I love you so
As for the  hundredth time I go
Through  his strange life
And sacrifice
Of mental comfort and the power to know.


You were good value for money , I see.
For through two   near deaths you ‘ve helped me
My sister  took twice;
My husband seems thrice;
So per word it is  very near free.

Wittgenstein, the duty of genius by Ray Monk

Dictated into Google Voice Type

img_0003-qqIn mathematics,  so they say it is often necessary
to use letters to represent quantities
of what
it could be in the beginning
if you took a Marxist  point of view
the  main use would be buying and selling

Or before that, painting goat boots
why should we bother with history
especially when I am making it up
I told my imagination full stop
later the Arabs
in their magnificent Empire had many great books
and it was after the tact of Constantinople  in 12215
The boats were rating from the library
by the Western Conquerors
and it was here that they discovered
what we know call algebra
that is using letters to represent unknown
quantities which one was trying to calculate
the Greeks, of course, had already made the greatest Discovery
which is the notion of Proof
although intriguingly they were giving
proofs of relationships which were already known
by for example the Egyptians but the Egyptians
Newnham bio experience of buildings
and it may help children learning mathematics
to know that it took human beings a very long time
to invent or discover it for example the  sign 4 0
was a much  harder development than the signs for 1 2 3 4 etc
because having a sign or symbol for nothing
is actually quite a sophisticated idea
I believe it was invented by Indian mathematicians
homes Sheringham
That we or not the most advanced sculpture in the world
all we have to wait for is the new Dark Ages
which will be arriving quite soon
Adidas did buy
Mr Donald Trump
did the Romans for c the Dark Ages
a poor vehicle that their Empire will continue forever
as they stood disconsolately on Hadrian’s Wall
using into the terrible land all the Scots have
10 Romans  have never tried then or now to
no everybody thinks that expansion will go on forever
Andover like the child maniac
her birthday balloon and weeping with fear
when it bursts as it must
and everything inevitably will do the phone
it seems perfectly logical to me
but economist do not say that end of sentence
airline economist don’t say that because they do not want 2 tell that
Poor children or grandchildren  will have less then we have

Charles Hermite and transcendental numbers


The story of numbers is enough to make one believe in a Higher Power or even a transcendental Power?

A Concise History of Mathematics [Fourth Revised Edition] Paperback – 1 Nov 1987

 This topic  will take your mind off Brexit and help you regain a sense of awe and wonder.This cartoon has an equation on it.But some numbers are never found as the answer to such an equation.And that can be proved.And some of the proofs are quite easy.



Hermite  might not have succeeded nowadays as passing exams was not easy for him.I suspect he was a person who preferred to  spend his time  on his own  interests in Mathematics and to neglect his wider studies

I have referred in some of   my  Stan  stories to the number “e”.Hermite was the first to prove  that e is not an algebraic number.

{ see the article].

It may surprise many people that there are different kinds of numbers  ,beginning with the integers 1.2.3…… and the rational numbers  [fractions like 1/2 4/5   89/54 etc.]
The Babylonians discovered  the  ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter was fixed regardless of the size of the circle.We call it pi.It is not an integer nor a raional number.The number of integers is infinite.

“The ancient Babylonians calculated the area of a circle by taking 3 times the square of its radius, which gave a value of pi = 3. One Babylonian tablet (ca. 1900–1680 BC) indicates a value of 3.125 for pi, which is a closer approximation.” [from link below]

They used 3 as an approximation and  in the Hebrew Bible 400 BCE the Temple was  made using 3 as an approximation. Archimedes got closer.But.   like e, pi cannot be expressed as a fraction.
Some other numbers like the square root of 2 are irrational  [ that is,not fractions[ but they are algebraic.As in x squared =2

Relating to Solomon’s temple.They used pi =3.It is in the  Hebrew Bible


Real numbers are all numbers from integers to the transcendental and they are uncountably infinite
Pi and e are called transcendental numbers.We don’t know many other
“The set of transcendental numbers is uncountably infinite. Since the polynomials with rational coefficients are countable, and since each such polynomial has a finite number ofzeroes, the algebraic numbers must also be countable. However, Cantor’s diagonal argument proves that the real numbers (and therefore also the complex numbers) are uncountable. Since the real numbers are the union of algebraic and transcendental numbers, they cannot both be countable. This makes the transcendental numbers  uncountably infinfte

Quote from article below {Euler is usually credited with this]

:In 1706 a little-known mathematics teacher named William Jones first used a symbol to represent the platonic concept of pi, an ideal that in numerical terms can be approached, but never reached.

William Jones, mathematician from Wales, 1740

William Jones, mathematician from Wales, 1740

The history of the constant ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle is as old as man’s desire to measure; whereas the symbol for this ratio known today as π (pi) dates from the early 18th century. Before this the ratio had been awkwardly referred to in medieval Latin as: quantitas in quam cum multiflicetur diameter, proveniet circumferencia (the quantity which, when the diameter is multiplied by it, yields the circumference).

– See more at:

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This is meant to be humorous

What God endowed the owl with such excess?

The owl can see with wide and narrow view
Focuses  both poets and artists know.
The broad sweep on the canvas makes a place
Where details and designs can have their space.

What God endowed the owl with such excess;
When all her progeny enjoy such   bliss?
 I think,where is the snake with frightening hiss?
What startling accident  created this?

Eagles,hawks and owls must kill to eat.
No blandishments nor kindness make them sweet.
What God could make an Eden this deceit;
Where lambs are snatched up while their mothers bleat

So God himself destroys to fill his leisure;
Such fearsome revelations show his measure

A USB cord?

Can I download the internet onto an external hard drive?
I still can’t download a new microphone.
I’d like a free glass table too.Can it come down via a USB  cord?
I used Google docs Type Speech.I said, I haven’t really got angina ,but you’ll never guess what it typed.Well, you will but it’s a lie!
And when I said, I’m  almost a virgin,  the doctor said, how long will it take to really be one? Yet he’s  a doctor.What does that tell you?
So , maybe voice recognition is not always best,depending on who reads what you say.If you see what I speak.
I feel I am losing my mind with software.Still, it stops the arteries burning  down
I blame Google translate.

Criticise with love



There are two types of people we classify as haters. One is a critic who comes from a place of love, another is legitimate hater — one coming from a place of fear or envy.

To be criticised with negative intention means that you have aroused something within someone else such as jealousy or a feeling of inadequacy. In order for the hater to feel better and elevated somehow, they need to put other people down. When someone condemns our work, comments unkindly on our appearance, judges our parenting style or disapproves of any of our actions, it is a pure and total reflection of them, not us. Take relief and comfort that a critic’s words often have nothing to do with you at all.


Things that puzzle me: 2 different signs

When I was a first-year student I had a very nice friend who had been to a very good school.We used to study together and at the end of the year, just before the exams she asked me a question.
It involved the Greek letter alpha  and the sign for infinity which looks like the number 8 lying on its side,
Alpha is open at one side, the sign for infinity is not.
I realised that all through the year she had thought they were the same.Much of what we did used these signs.So how had she  sat through lectures and seminars without understanding,
I feel a lot of children at school must be in a similar situation.It must be hard for them



Definition of nemesis

  1. capitalized :  the Greek goddess of retributive justice

  2. plural nemesesplay play\-ˌsēz\a :  one that inflicts retribution or vengeanceb :  a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent

  3. plural nemesesa :  an act or effect of retributionb :  bane 2

Examples of nemesis in a sentence

  1. On just the kind of putt that had been a career-long nemesis, he kept his head perfectly still and knocked the ball squarely in the hole. —Jaime Diaz, Sports Illustrated, 20 Feb. 1995

  2. Japan and Iraq have been floated as possible successors for the role once filled by America’s old nemesis, the Soviet Union … —Michiko Kakutani, New York Times, 18 June 1993

  3. In the beginning were the words, winged at first until, paralysed, they fell to earth and were imprisoned by their nemesis, the alphabet. —Erich Segal, Times Literary Supplement, 12 July 1991

  4. Thus, once surgeons implant the new graft, tissue rejection—the unforgiving nemesis of most transplant attempts—occurs in only 3% to 5% of cases. —Christine Gorman et al., Time, 7 Dec. 1987

  5. He will be playing his old nemesis for the championship.

  6. nemesis and always foils his wicked plots.>

Did You Know?

Nemesis was the Greek goddess of vengeance, a deity who doled out rewards for noble acts and punishment for evil ones. The Greeks believed that Nemesis didn’t always punish an offender immediately but might wait generations to avenge a crime. In English, nemesis originally referred to someone who brought a just retribution, but nowadays people are more likely to see animosity than justice in the actions of a nemesis.

Origin and Etymology of nemesis

Latin, from Greek
First Known Use: 1561

For consolation comes from friends

How like a cell is my small cubicle
Here I dwell avoiding human kind.
For kind in  that phrase is not apt
When many humans lack mere tact.

When suffering deep within my souI,
In the  cubicle, I hide.
Till  love conspires to make me whole
And stands just by me,  side by side

The winter of the soul is hard
Yet spring must come  with the   small birds
Yet will I wither by grief jarred?
I do believe I shall be  cured.

For consolation comes from friends
Whose selfless love will never end.
May I  be such a friend to you,
And give my love to life anew.

Art though my own and may I now love thee?

Art though my own and may I now love thee?
Art though my own and shall I  thy wife be?
As waiting long  lays waste to love and joy
Art though mine,  or with me do’st thou toy?

O treat me not like  stuff disposable
O treat me not  as one intolerable.
For if  thou touch then thou hast made a claim.
And from  the heart,to lose is to be maimed.

For  women are not like  to sheep or goats
We have hearts to feel what thou hast wrought
And if  thou come to steal then  thou’rt a  thief.
One of many , causing women grief.

Do not touch with hand or with sweet words
For  if thou  lie, we feel our love  absurd

For if thou lie, we feel our love absurd

Art though my own and may I now love thee?
Art though my own and shall I  thy wife be?
As waiting long lays waste to love and joy
Art though mine,or with me do’st thou toy?

O treat me not like  stuff disposable
O treat me not  as one intolerable.
For if  thou touch then thou hast made a claim.
And from  the heart, to lose is to be maimed.

For  women are not like  sheep or goats
We have hearts to feel what thou hast wrought
And if  thou come to steal then  thou’rt a  thief.
One of many,causing women grief.

Do not touch with hand or with sweet words
For  if thou  lie, we feel our love  absurd

Why we need poetry



While poetry engages your emotions it does so in a rational and structured way. Poetry is smart. It does a formal dance around the emotions and engages them while also engaging your brain. Emotion on its own is mere sentimentality. Emotion in classical poetry fuses the intellect with emotion in a high and noble human experience. – See more at:

Why read poetry?



Read poetry because the political and environmental realities make you weep and poetry can help. Poetry can help. Read poetry because it offers no answers, no advice, no cures, just understanding and love and timing. Read poetry because the world is more than the facts of the world. Read poetry because you don’t have enough mystery in your life and you want to become even more mysterious (re: attractive) than you are already are. Read poetry because you have poems in you that need to be written. Read poetry because birds, honeysuckle, lit windows, new shoes, walking outside, donuts, lipstick, fresh peaches, cocktails, kisses in the rain produce in you a feeling that you never want to lose, but you will, and the only thing you can do is pay better attention when the feeling comes again. And here it comes.