Rejoice now for it ends debate

The fire that cleanses, consummates.
Rejoice now for  it ends debate
I   been dead for four  years, dear
Bury me  for love is here.
Death repeats itself in song
In the waves where  sailors sinned.
Ancestral  voices call to me:
For Jesus’ sake, make us some tea.
Jesus, master, make me strong.
Heretic , I loved your song.
Show yourself to me, your child.
I have waited , sweet beguiled.

I would see you, can not wait

Tragic is many girls’ fate.
Slain by  men whom  they loved deep
Love is murder and it’s cheap.
Whores are paid and get rewards.
Bitterness is far too hard.
Men are lonely, so they say,
Did you come here to get laid?
Yet men must marry and then slay.
You can buy them on E bay
Paypal is a women’s friend
Pay St Peter and ascend.
Your little face is wrinkled now
Suffer me to stroke your brow.
You tried so hard to  choose  the path
Did you hear the primrose laugh?
Goodbye, my dove,I hear the call
Take me soon and take me all.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”
St Julian of Norwich

Trust the unknown force that grew you,
From the joining of two cells.
Act of love, of mutual giving,
Created you, a   unique self.

Trust the dark, the unseen aspects
Of the life we all must live.
Trust that there is wisdom elsewhere,
To your emptiness to give.

Wait in patience for the time
When inspiration comes at last
Trust in darkness, silence,lowness.
Opposition forms the cross.

Pain is bearable in lowness,
Like the worm,in earth I dwell.
When I look I see the sunrise
And I trust all shall be well.

With trepidation


To write a poem will take our entire heart
Our mind and soul, our body and our dreams.
With trepidation, take a pen and start

Let preconceptions, though well meant, depart
Creative work evades such plans and schemes
To write a poem will shake the entire heart

We travel lands unknown without a chart.
With our courage, trust the dark unseen
For inspiration, take a pen and write

We bite the apple, bitter, hard and tart
Knowledge enters in its dream -like streams
To write a poem will move each living heart

No logic, reasoning, signs, however wrought
Will bring to life the holy pattern’s themes
With each image, still your dreaming hear

The earth, the oceans, seas, the sacred scenes
Where humans live out daily what life means
To write a poem, we need the mystic heart.
In emptiness, we fill our pens, we start

The perils of voice activate software.



99.The Avenue,Penrith,Cumberland

32 Jan 2017


Hi Sue ,I hope you’re having a nice weekend. I went to my nephew’s yesterday.I found a text message on my phone which  he has left the previous evening but I haven’t seen it and why did see if I drank brandy. I texted you back saying find a second term. he said I’ll be with you in 45 minutes, Dina Trump
I thought to myself,  it was tomorrow that I was there and I was wondering if I felt well enough to go out because I’ve been feeling silly ; they know you if you let go I just hope I’m not going to feel down for the next four years
I asked if it looking at Donald Trump  on the news make me ill. Why don’t  we have to try without exception and I really enjoyed playing with  the nephew’s  children’s  toys
While they sell at the same table really know how we do it at their father and I had a really interesting mathematical description of how is a little more  than the LEGO tower go round and round the face of the plate with hole in the middle understand more than two marbles they don’t know when his circles around ellipses Fortunately he doesn’t know any mathematics now because I was wondering about  him and ask him if you are fully closing down to describe the motion of these marbles light is bad enough trying to write the frozen differential  situation and done to describe a smooth a billiard  ball rolling down a smooth surface at a certain speed ; having to calculate  about how far it will go before it stops after its reach the bottom of the tilted surface.Who wants to gnaw that?
Who are my brother had a real problem with that because he kept saying to me , but there’s no such thing as a completely smooth surface.
I thought to myself, he doesn’t understand this is a time difference game of Mathematics that you have to pretend that the world has some simplicity places in order to solve the problem and when you couldn’t get used to dealing with that level of problem you may then be able to mate ….I moved to a slightly higher level.

One  ofter many many centuries you might even get nearer to the actual real world
You say I want to clear all the mathematics students terribly hard if you don’t know the symbols it’s only dealing with it many  topics is quite simple problems compared to bringing up children or dealing with problems in your marriage or having all your teeth taken out at the dentist in fact many of us really do you ms.turbate and then escape from reality without going crazy why it just put ms.turbate instead of mathematics makes me wonder about the people who have created the software by which my voice is made into typing a little it freezes but there no longer  a tea leaf that perturbation is a mortal sin and that everybody will go to hell, making  freezers lonely.
I was riding a joke about psychoanalysis and introduces blessing ham certain problem with a little series of experience french fries explain the term babies that don’t develop something called  autoeroticism are more likely to have psychological problems when they were  ground up, because it means that they will not have taken me  in  as  an image of the mother into the inner space where she can comfort them when they’re going through difficult time with a real life later on as adults or even when they go to school .

Why it’s quite amazing, we used to be real because we don’t know anything about it.
Oh, there’s a girl in my class, she was rather well developed and she said she became pregnant and she did have a boyfriend but they didn’t know that what they had done was sex

.I suppose he would just like to young cats

or two younger deer.

Maybe that’s what it was meant to be like this it just happens and it’s perfectly acceptable to be pregnant when you’re 16 especially when you’re as well directed  as this girl
well I’m afraid I have to go and make some tea now so I hope that you’re enjoying a pleasant weekend playing with your travel toys and avoiding mathematics like the plague unless it makes you feel better.Dirac, the answer to a depressive’s prayer.Not
Ever yours,Grace Full

She says she has blue tooth

She says she has blue tooth.That sounds like a horrible disease.I hope it’s not catching.
The Queen has blue blood.Is it Quink?
I broke my fountain pen.I was doing Su Doku in the loo.So you can guess what happened.I fell off the seat and the pen stabbed the cat’s tail and pinned it to the carpet.Why the cat is always there I can’t imagine.Anyway. he got angry and bit the pen , which jumped up   suddenly went down his throat nib first
So we’ve written him off ! And sent the pen to prison.

I have lost the internet.I am abashed

They say I have no connection the internet.Are some humans related to it?

doodlingThey say I have no connection the internet.Are some humans related to it?
I have lost the internet.Could it be in Lost Property?Can I borrow my neighbour’s?
I can’t get online.Why don’t they make it wider? so it would be on a double line.But then we couldn’t park…….you can’t win
You make me feel so rung.Please phone somebody else!
I had a Brief Encounter.My husbands pants fell down.I told him he had lost weight but he wouldn’t believe me.Now he will fit through the Eye on any Needle.Thank you, God.
Could Trump fit through the eye of an embroidery needle?
As my husband got thinner I got fatter.Is that fair?
I want to open a new blog but I have no money.Can I steal one?
Missing: Old blog in good condition.Micro-shipped.Rewards offered for anyone who returns it unchanged.
I sleep with my blog.Is it a sin?
The cat sleeps on my Kindle Fire because he doesn’t get it’s a metaphor.Cats!
At least I don’t leave my eyes on my i pad.They’re on the phone!
Well, they were.
No,I can’t come to work today.I have lost my eyes.

Loo parking? We have few public loos here!

Not a loo by Kate

News From Elsewhere

China city unveils parking spaces for toilet breaks

  • 20 January 2017
A close up of on of the parking spaces with text in Chinese reading: Special toilet useImage copyrightXI’AN CITY PRESS OFFICE
Image captionThe spaces are clearly marked as being for toilet users only

A city in central China now has free parking spaces reserved for drivers who need to answer the call of nature while on the road.

Spaces have been marked in yellow on main roads in Xi’an, close to 50 of the city’s public toilets, the Hua Shang Bao newspaper reports. Each one is designated as a “special toilet use” space and there’s a 15 minute time limit for drivers who park in them, so anyone who tries to take advantage of the spots to go shopping will be fined. The city’s traffic police are also asking people to report any cars that occupy the spaces long-term.

One local driver told China Daily that he was pleased to find a place where he could pause for a quick toilet break without having to pay. And this is only the first phase of city’s plan for loo-friendly spaces. Xi’an has more than 1,300 public toilets and traffic police say they’re looking to create more

Dust balls

 darliCats on the hill
When yet another fluff ball is discovered
Hiding by the bookcase near my bed.
I ponder on the process which produces this
As I sit here gobbling a large boiled egg.
When yet another stain upon the carpet
Cannot be removed by water or by foam.
I wonder if I’m cut out for cleaning.
This is certainly not a man’s Ideal Home.
But let me not waste time on practicalities.
Life is far more precious than is dirt.
I’ll change my dress and put on a new outfit.
Or perhaps just wear a long white linen shirt.
When he comes home I’ll tell him I’m in love again.
With him who is my darling and my man.

Averse to Trump

BOSTON (AP) — America’s leading poets are averse to Donald Trump, and they’re not about to go gentle organised good night.

Poetry slams and other literary events are being organized nationwide in the run-up to the president-elect’s Jan. 20 inauguration.

Some, like this weekend’s “Writers Resist” rallies in New York, Boston and 90 other U.S. cities, are overtly in protest. Others are merely an attempt to find a little solace and beauty in verse.

“Our country was founded on brilliant writing,” said Erin Belieu, an award-winning poet who runs the creative writing program at Florida State University. She hatched the Writers Resist movement “to re-inaugurate the best of our democratic ideals.”