I have deleted google mail.What is the penalty?


I have deleted google mail.What is the penalty?
I have broken the letter x .Does that mean nobody anywhere can do algebra now?
Can I download a new x, before I cause world -wide trouble?
Is it odd for economists to ask me why two minuses make a plus?
Do they imagine two recessions will cancel each other out?
Better to be even that be odd?
I have not learned to type but I have a frozen shoulder already.That seems to bode well.
Yahoo seems to have been lax.Why are we punished more than the ones who run everything?

Daddy, is it far?

Seems like a  dream, I’m riding in this car
He’s kind; he’s bright ; he likes to drive and chat.
We’re intellectuals; ha ha ha ha ha!

I wonder if the house is very far.
I’m happy not to map read; I sit back
In my dream, I’m cosy in this car

The motorway is salted, frost  to clear.
In the fields, looks like they’ve emptied sacks.
The cars spin round; so merry, like a fair.

I like the softened meadows’ silver stare
M25, I thought I’d not be  going back
In my dream, I’m  flying but to where?

This  frosted  grass has beauty debonair
Once stubble used to burn and make skies black
Crossing Essex, flames would fill the air.

The dear child sits behind me, tra la la!
I like his magic and the way his marbles clack.
He likes to hear me humming,  fah la la

Oh, how  he drives well in the fierce sun glare.
He never swears nor  shouts; he brings good luck
The sun lights boldly trees with branches bare.

I feel relaxed, enjoy the comfy car.
His little boy asks, Daddy is it far?

But what use are they in loving?

What was so wrong about asking
About your absence from this world
And trying to grab you back.

holding onto your coat tail?

Eternity’s long enough already
We don’t need your vapour trails.
Was it a wicked thing to do,
As you floated so far away,
To reach out to touch you once more?
I admit I never knew you kept score.
When I beat you at chess so long ago
Were you already packing bags
to throw out the door?
I knew it was the real thing
But some men never do.
You have your expectations
And your tests and rules
But we never learned those
In our higher maths class schools.
We learned rigour and icy vision
Definition and precision.
We learned explanation  and revision
But what use are they in loving
I didn’t know how to navigate your soul 
You were off anyhow.
The orchestra stopped playing
When they saw the gap.
You can’t fly  away forever
But I do be leaving you.
In  such circumstances
What else does a woman like me do?
You can smile and squeeze your eyes tight
Suck in those cheeks and hide your love.
What’s coming after you’s an eagle or a crow
Not a dove…it’s black I know
When you toss it all away then
Seems like it’s long past time
and emotion to call it a day.
Come again…..you must be crazy
Love is clear to me  now like the face of a newborn daisy

They were unable to believe

old-fruit-3“When Fascism came into power, most people were unprepared, both theoretically and practically. They were unable to believe that man could exhibit such propensities for evil, such lust for power, such disregard for the rights of the weak, or such yearning for submission. Only a few had been aware of the rumbling of the volcano preceding the outbreak.”

– Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom