Their assessment of our hearts endures.

The fear of judgement makes life harsh with pain.
The eyes that spy, the words we spoke in vain.
When we age we have a wider  view
We’re not so strange nor so very new.

The dream of being back at school once more.
Where  teachers power extends most to that door
We’re imprisoned to make  a  safe  society;
Creation from  the young  makes jeopardy.

We protect ourselves from children’s  open minds
It’s we who’re frightened and we make the bind.
It is the eyes, the thoughts, the innocence we fear.
Their assessment of our hearts endures.

And they are frightened by the Judge we haul
To destroy or mould the newness of their calls.
Till in a mirrored palace we display
The heads of those who wished to change our ways.

Children need protection from the strong
But we , too, need protection from their songs

I have wandered off the sacred track

I have wandered down a long and ill made track.
Down footpaths that seemed intriguing,  yet were  stark
I have wandered,  wondering at my lack.


I wandered, crossed the dry earth and its cracks
I   passed through corn fields hidden in the dark
I have wandered off  the preplanned track

I am like a gypsy with no pack
In the sky ,I hear the little lark
I have wandered, blaming my ill luck

I am lost and never shall get back
Despite the sun, I feel  the thump of dark
I have wandered off the  sacred  track

My heavy  thoughts have often  turned near  black;
Lured the dog which torments with its bark.
I have trembled as the bullets snack.

Were we flooded, I could take the Ark
Were I braver, I’d with generals talk.
I have wandered off the map and track
I have walked unknowing  what we lack

In the sea of grief, we swim not drown

The grieving one who never looks outside
Suffers like a prisoner in a cell
Yet we has some freedom to decide
To grieve yet view  our real world here as well.

To turn the eyes back to the lost and dead.
Is what we all must do  in painful  times
But to this natural world, we must be wed
And under suffering draw a heavy line.

From despair, we rise to be renewed;
To see our friends and make our hearts feel glad.
And  look behind  us with a gentler view
See the joy and love and all the kindness had.

In the sea of grief, we swim not drown
Cast away the weights which pull us down.

Why do some people make us feel better?



Jonathan Haidt’s research (2003) has revealed that when we witness to acts of kindness, altruism, and moral courage, we respond  with elevation—a warm, expansive feeling in our chests and sense of inspiration that makes us want to be less selfish, more altruistic ourselves. Studies by Michelangelo Vianello and his colleagues (2010) have shown that when leaders demonstrate an altruistic commitment to their ideals and act with fairness, they cause a ripple effect on the people around them, transforming their cultural atmosphere. Experiencing elevation, their followers respond with greater altruism, courtesy, cooperation, and citizenship. One altruistic person can make a powerful positive difference.

You feel this little lift in your heart

Niall Williams

“Some people make you feel better about living. Some people you meet and you feel this little lift in your heart, this ‘Ah’, because there’s something in them that’s brighter or lighter, something beautiful or better than you, and here’s the magic: instead of feeling worse, instead of feeling ‘why am I so ordinary?’, you feel just the opposite, you feel glad. In a weird way, you feel better because before this you hadn’t realised or you’d forgotten human beings could shine so.”