To this world, we’re lured

The language  we  each tongue is metaphor
A kindly person’s neither soft nor warm.
But using words as symbols, man allures

What we see has never been before
Stereotypes negate  the need to learn
The language that we speak is metaphor

We learn enough; we wish to learn no more
Our walls defend us, aid  in keeping  calm;
To see the world unchanged has some allure.

Our speech is not split off from senses’  glow.
A sentence must connect  the shapes to forms
The language we configure’s   metaphor.

From parents and from neighbors, out words flow
We do not speak   when we lack   loving arms
Yet seeing the world unchanged has its allure.

Risks of newness, doldrums of dull calm;
Let creative humans consecrate and charm.
The language  we all speak is metaphor
So by  great symbols, to shared worlds, we’re lured.