t’s similar to a pun

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When will you put the kettle on?
I’m not going dancing in a kettle,mother.

How do you feel today?
The same as yesterday, with my fingers

Are you coming home?
No, I’m going

Are you good at typing?
While in the class, yes.

What is in your pocket?
It can’t speak

Did you find any shells?
Clearly not, or I would not be here

My grandfather was a miner
Coal or land?

My parents died.Where are they?
They waved before drowning

Do you like riding horses?
I’ve never met one

What time is dinner?
What space?

I am too sensitive they say.I laughed at griefs

Why do people generalise?
Ask yourself!

Why are others so stupid?
They think the same way

Am I worthy of salvation
If you are,you don’t need it

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