News: no tanks in the Army but what about cisterns?

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“Defence secretary denies British army is scrapping tanks”

What a shock!But we can’t use horses in a nuclear war so cavalry is out.What can we use?

When I was at school we were told to take sanitary towels into the bunker.As Catholics we were forbidden to use tampons.They also told us to lie down in the hedgerows when we saw a bomb coming.We lived in an industrial mill town. Dandelions were a rare sight and buttercups did not flourish.A blade of grass sometimes grew in a crack in the pavement

After ayear or two the government realised that these talks were causing panic so we heard no more but now it would be ok to take in a tampon or even a vibrator.I have yet to see one but I can’t help wondering if they are good for backache.So we’ll enjoy out last moments of life trying to find a partner or even a philanderer.

After all an atom bomb is a climax, though of destruction not creation

Freud.. I wonder what he would think

I never think

They tell me I’ve got three years
What did you do?
Stopped chemotherapy, got all my money together and sailed round the world
Sounds good
But I have no money left.They said I’d die in one year
I am so sorry you are still alive.Those doctors are idiots
I’ll have to go on benefits
Just applying might kill you
Well. God knows I want somewhere to live
Try a Stable!

I can’t afford to be ill.What’s the cheapest way to die?
Either starvation or Beachy Head
I long to visit Gaza first
I’ve never seen a person strip
And if you go near the Border….. it could be the answer to your prayers.
I’ve not prayed for years
Just a metaphor.You could go to the USA and as you are black the police may kill you free if you can’t pay for your cigarettes.Just get a fake 20 dollar bill before shopping
Where from?
I can make one here
You mean you are a crook?
Not yet, but I am hoping
I’ve got schizophrenia and I need money for therapy
You mean they charge the sick?
They are just being politically correct
It reminds me of the Light Brigade
They say a foetus is sacred
Yes, until birth!
Well,I’ll have to think about this
I prefer never to think
How thoughtless!