That’s not cricket


NewColl2People in other countries may not know how important cricket is here,literally and symbolically.If a man did something dubious or against the rules  another man might say,That’s not cricket

In one way we were very advanced because even before Wittgenstein  wrote about language games and so on,we ,here ,already knew life was a game and we should

“play the game”

That means,do the right thing in some particular context.If only someone had patented the notion,we’d all be famous now.For one minute.

Other important things are old churches abd caathedrals and singing.Our favourite hymn is Jerusalem which is a poem by Blake.And some people think Jerusalemwas here once but this is an error.

To the tapping bird

A bird taps on this window every day,
Frail as flying leaves are in a gale.
But now he perches on the potted bay.
He feels the weather like the blind do braille.

This bird is faithful and I hold him dear.
He’s fearless as he pecks upon the glass.
We hope he has a modicum of fear,
For who knows when a sparrow hawk will pass?

I see him like a human soul forlorn
Struggling to discern his fateful way.
For soon he may be taken by a storm
But blithely he will eat, and after play.

The smallest bird has trust in the Unknown
By his example, our own way is shown

Reflections on altruism

I have read research works that show that many of us who say we are not racist or not anti-feminist are actually but we don’t recognise it.But measurements of various kinds and questions showed people reacting differently to women or black people in interviews and at social events.The last verse is meant to slightly humorously say we don’t leave Jews out of the team because of anti-semitism,we just know they don’t like playing cricket.If you think it comes over to mean something other than that would you kindly put a comment below.Thank you.



We all  like to believe we are saintly.

We’re not racists nor are we unkind

Well I  have discovered

Prejudice’s uncovered

When we tap  into our unconscious mind.


It’s not enough to want to be moral

It takes a big effort at times.

The first step ironical,

Is to find the demonical,

In the black side of our own dear sweet minds.


Once we get there we  will suffer

But it’s the only way we can change what we do.

For if we  know our own evil;

Stop automatic retrieval;

Then  we shall have  fewer actions  to rue.


It’s not wilful blindness I speak of

But when we do it unknowing,

“I’m not anti Semitic…

It’s just  that Jews can’t play cricket!”

Pardon me ,your slip’ s showing.


A SLIP IS A LADY’S UNDERSKIRT ot petticoat  and if it showed by accident it was shameful.









Altruism: a good word for writing poetry because it has many rhyming words.

 From Merriam Webster



noun al·tru·ism \ˈal-trü-ˌi-zəm\

Simple Definition of altruism

Popularity: Top 1% of lookups
  • : feelings and behavior that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness

Full Definition of altruism

  1. 1:  unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

  2. 2:  behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to itself but that benefits others of its species

al·tru·ist play\-trü-ist\ noun
al·tru·is·tic play\ˌal-trü-ˈis-tik\ adjective
al·tru·is·ti·cal·ly play\-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of altruism

  1. A few skimpy corporate pensions were paid, but they were offered as much as departure incentives designed to promote business efficiency as expressions of altruism. —W. Andrew Achenbaum, Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2006

  2. Mary may have ample resources and prefer that her share pass to her children who have greater need and are in lower income tax brackets. (The progressive nature of our tax laws often fosters such altruism among family members.) —William M. McGovern, Jr. et al., Wills, Trusts and Estates, 1988

  3. And he still chokes up when he tells the story. Even at that young age, he understood that what his aunt was doing for him was the purest act of altruism. —Gail Sheehy, New York Times Magazine, 20 Apr. 1986

Origin of altruism

French altruisme, from autrui other people, from Old French, oblique case form ofautre other, from Latin alter
First Known Use:

Rhymes with altruism

absurdism, activism, Adventism, alarmism,albinism, alpinism, anarchism, aneurysm,anglicism, animism, aphorism, Arabism,archaism, asterism, atavism, atheism,atomism, atticism, Bahaism, barbarism,Benthamism, biblicism, blackguardism,bolshevism, boosterism, botulism,bourbonism, Brahmanism, Briticism,Caesarism, Calvinism, can-do-ism,careerism, Castroism, cataclysm,catechism, Catharism, centralism,chauvinism, chimerism, classicism,communism, concretism, conformism,cretinism, criticism, cronyism, cynicism,dadaism, dandyism, Darwinism, defeatism,de Gaullism, despotism, die-hardism,dimorphism, Docetism, do-goodism,dogmatism, Donatism, Don Juanism,druidism, dynamism, egoism, elitism,embolism, endemism, erethism, ergotism,erotism, escapism, Essenism, etatism,eunuchism, euphemism, euphuism,exorcism, expertism, extremism, fairyism,familism, fatalism, feminism, feudalism,fideism, fogyism, foreignism, formalism,futurism, gallicism, galvanism, gangsterism,genteelism, Germanism, giantism,gigantism, globalism, gnosticism,Gongorism, Gothicism, gourmandism,gradualism, grangerism, greenbackism,Hasidism, heathenism, Hebraism,hedonism, Hellenism, herbalism,hermetism, hermitism, heroism,highbrowism, Hinduism, hipsterism,hirsutism, hispanism, Hitlerism,hoodlumism, hoodooism, hucksterism,humanism, Hussitism, hybridism,hypnotism, Ibsenism, idealism, imagism,Irishism, Islamism, Jansenism, jim crowism,jingoism, journalism, John Bullism, Judaism,Junkerism, kabbalism, kaiserism,Krishnaism, Ku Kluxism, laconism, laicism,Lamaism, Lamarckism, landlordism,Latinism, legalism, Leninism, lobbyism,localism, locoism, Lollardism, luminism,lyricism, magnetism, mammonism,mannerism, Marcionism, masochism,mechanism, melanism, meliorism,Menshevism, Mendelism, mentalism,methodism, me-tooism, modernism,Mohockism, monachism, monadism,monarchism, mongolism, Montanism,moralism, Mormonism, morphinism,mullahism, mysticism, narcissism,nationalism, nativism, nepotism,neutralism, nihilism, NIMBYism, nomadism,occultism, onanism, optimism, oralism,Orangeism, organism, ostracism, pacifism,paganism, Pan-Slavism, pantheism,Parsiism, passivism, pauperism, phallicism,pianism, pietism, Platonism, pleinairism,pluralism, pointillism, populism,pragmatism, presentism, privatism,prosaism, Prussianism, puerilism, pugilism,Puseyism, Pyrrhonism, Quakerism,quietism, rabbinism, racialism, rationalism,realism, reformism, rheumatism, rigorism,robotism, Romanism, Rousseauism,rowdyism, royalism, satanism, saturnism,savagism, scapegoatism, schematism,scientism, sciolism, Scotticism, Semitism,Shakerism, Shintoism, skepticism,socialism, solecism, solipsism,Southernism, specialism, speciesism,Spartanism, Spinozism, spiritism,spoonerism, Stalinism, standpattism,stoicism, syllogism, symbolism,synchronism, syncretism, synergism,talmudism, tarantism, tectonism,tenebrism, terrorism, Teutonism, titanism,Titoism, toadyism, tokenism, Toryism,totalism, totemism, transvestism,traumatism, tribalism, tritheism,Trotskyism, ultraism, unionism, urbanism,utopism, Vaishnavism, vampirism,vandalism, vanguardism, Vedantism,veganism, verbalism, virilism, vitalism,vocalism, volcanism, voodooism, vorticism,voyeurism, vulcanism, vulgarism,Wahhabism, warlordism, welfarism,Wellerism, witticism, womanism, yahooism,Yankeeism, Yiddishism, Zionism, zombiism

Lavatory humor

He wanted to behave  very  politely

But there wasn’t a toilet in sight

So he used a car bumper

Offside,that’ll  stumper.

Alas he was in Hackney that night.


Why did they shut our conveniences?

It’s alright in a departmental store.

But when that is closed

We have to suppose

The options are the wall or the floor.


Living in a city isn’t easy

In the Pennines you can wee on the moors.

A drystone wall’s dandy

For women, it’s handy.

As long as you’re not Pussy Galore.


When driving on a long journey,

It’s trying when companions nag.

I’ve had UTI’s

Which take me by surprise.

I  need a bucket and not a handbag.


We all must live with  anxiety

But shutting down toilets is  bad.

When we feel shy

We want to stay dry.

Sometimes it makes  folk go mad.


Some forms  of angst must be dealt with

But some are created by fools.

We ought to have a Pee In

As log as we agree on

How we can hide our bare tools.


We’ll meet at the gates across THAT street

And pass water when I ring a bell.

We’d make the TV news

And  viewers send reviews

If we never try how can we tell?







Humour helps


Whatever is wrong with us,humour usually helps.It helps physical illness,tension,depression,stress.It helps people to forgive each other and it helps our minds to function better,There are lots of books with collections of humour from different sources, different people and different cultures even religions.You can also get good sources from the internet if you want to save money.
Then,think about games we played as children.They were often funny although children can be cruel.Why not make up some jokes yourself as a kind of game.That can be more beneficial than just reading them.Writing also helps when we are ng online.On Penzu you can share too if you wish.
I find my own humour makes me laugh even though I made it up myself
Scientific humour
When you are courting a darling man an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.
Alberta MacEinstein [Ms]
When you are making her tea with parboiled water, remember that she might empty the pot on you and then where would you be?
That’s uncertainty.
Wendy Heisenberg.{Dr}
I was raised as a Catholic,taught always to commit at least one sin prior to Confession,never to eat before taking Communion and especially never to Confess before or after eating left over Communion wafers whilst having sex with a rubber man.
Pope Jane 1
A minute reading some blogs seems like it’s been raining for a year, and a minute reading a naughty joke makes women wet themselves in seconds.
That’s uncommon sense
Tea Leafe.[Mrs]
Woody Allen
“I was raised in the Jewish tradition, taught never to marry a Gentile woman, shave on Saturday and, most especially, never to shave a Gentile woman on Saturday.” -Woody Allen.

First they close the public conveniences…

 I especially like the admonition for us to  enjoy ourselves responsibly.As if  needing to pee is fun.As a woman  it’s even harder to find anywhere.

“‘Anti-pee’ walls in Hackney will splash offenders

  • 29 minutes ago
  • From the section
  • Lon

A special wall coating designed to soak anyone who tries to urinate against it is being trialled by a London council.

The liquid-repelling coating will be used at two popular drinking locations in Shoreditch and Dalston, east London.

Hackney Council spends £100,000 a year cleaning urine off walls and pavements.

Feryal Dermici, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “If the prospect of a fine doesn’t put them off from weeing in the street, maybe the risk of getting covered in urine will.”

The treatment creates a barrier that repels liquid, meaning that urine will bounce off the wall and back towards the offender.

It is also intended to stop urine soaking into the wall, reducing stains and smells.

A council spokeswoman urged people to enjoy themselves responsibly and “think about the people living nearby”.”

Dead ok

All’s well, but death’s hell

Bereaved,deceased but not dead right.

Richard the Bird.

The Merchant of Penance.

A Midsummer Night’s  Scream.

I’m a Racist,  buy me on E bay

King Sneer



Auntie Semitic.

The War of the Poses.

Sociopaths rule here.

Little Hell.

Oliver’s Pissed.

The immorality of Economics  part 1


Stan and statistics

Stan was teaching social statistics to a group of elderly neighbors.Since he was 109 it gave them all hope to see him demonstrating his prowess with various techniques.He was planning to do some logic and philosophy too.Annie was sitting by the door ,  dressed in violet, so she could answer the bell if any paramedics turned up for tea.
I’m not going to calculate ” the standard deviations” Stan murmured.”I just want you to grasp the general purpose.”
“Deviations,they’re not normal are they?” enquired his neighbor “Henry,an ex-English teacher.”So how can they be standard.It’s confusing..”
“Are you thinking of deviants?” Stan enquired calmly yet firmly.

”Certainly not,at my age I’m a bit past that!”

“Still it adds a bit of excitement to the class.” he thought.
How do words in ordinary language relate to those in Statistics?”asked Henry kindly.
“They are just more precisely defined in statistics.To say someone is a deviant is a rather vague term.”
“No,it’s not!My neighbor is a deviant.He always dresses entirely in yellow.”
“Well,that must be hard to do.Certainly unusual.” Stan agreed boldly.
“But in another country that might be the norm.So it’s a matter of context.In statistics it’s more boring.There’s a formula.It’s totally independent of context.Have you ever wondered why so many mathematicians have more than a touch of Asperger’s syndrome?”

“No,it’s not something that wanders through my mind much”replied Henry
A shudder passed through the room at hearing the word “formula“,which perhaps they considered something of a deviant!

Anything with letters and numbers mixed together is certainly not welcome in many people’s minds, along with their more unusual sexual tastes,desires and inclinations which were kept secret even from themselves in many cases.

“Time for tea.” called Annie,hoping to divert their attention.She carried in a platter of mouse sandwiches kindly donated by the local ambulance service and some iced Victoria sponge she and Stan had madethe day before.
“Just a quick word about next week.We’ll take a look at ratios and proportions and maybe see how that relates to the concept of rationality.”
“That sounds fun!” Annie called encouragingly.Henry decided to act on a deviant desire and fell onto her lap.

”Oh,dear!” she gasped loudly as the chair collapsed under her.

”Why can’t you be deviant at home?”
“My wife won’t let me!” He kindly answered.
“And look,” Stan continued,”we’ll have to ring 999.This chair is in fragments.I thought for one day we’d be able to avoid calling them out!”
“Well,life is not controllable.” said a quiet but fierce looking lady with sharp green eyes.”That’s what makes it tolerable“
She then greedily consumed a large piece of iced cake .
“I can stand the thinking if the cake is good” she whispered to her shy friend Amy.

”That’s rather a feeble argument,”Amy retorted.

”You can’t really compare cake and statistics.”
“I’ll compare anything I like!” the green eyed woman snarled loudly.
“You do what you like but you must keep a sense of proportion!”
“Now then,have you rung 999?” Stan queried of Annie.

”Yes,here they are,and they’ve got a stretcher for the chair!”
“Well,that’s certainly unusual,even deviant“,Stan thought anxiously to himself.”Where do they get their funding? Is there a fund for distributing money to help chairs which are not well balanced?