Flat ones can’t have a plant on top

Watching televisions is not hard

They can’t walk.

Talk ok and take your views

Of the News.

Flat ones can’t have a  plant on top

alongside the wooden birds

I preferred

As I say,I keep my eye on it.

Watch it secretly when no-one is here

Or near

I’m waiting for it to speak its real words.

Or to ask me a question.

Who are you?

Why do  you watch me?

Have you no shame?

If a television could speak

We wouldn’t be able to understand what’s sad about it.

It has more than a hint of the toxic

I don’t like this  new word cachexic

It has  more than a hint of the toxic

Yet is Greek

So we must speak

And practise until we all rock ,chick.



I am the opposite of what I once was

I think I’ve been washed in some Daz.

I’m so pale I’m translucent

But not  yet indecent.

I’m grateful  for all that me has.


Cachelocks are a new  type of safe.

You put your laptop in a brace.

Then you swear and you curse

And rattle a hearse.

I suggest then to hide that red face


Cachelicks are followers of  God

Who forgot how to spell, as they trod

Grapes and wild cherries

And other black berries.

And for them it was a sin to say,Sod.


Catlicks was a term of abuse

To us children who walked  from our house.

It was Belfast in miniature…

No bagpipes in the furniture.

I sometimes felt like a black louse.


For I had a friend who was Other.

They were Methodists from near  the river.

So I had to hide my religion

From even their pigeon.

I felt all the time in a state or a dither.


For I did not know what would deceive

Indeed not even what would please.

So I went stiff all over

I shrank into the sofa.

And my Lord was I happy to leave!


I suppose now I’d not give a toss.

Ignoring me was their loss.

I am both blonde and wise

And have two blue eyes.

Though my face can go red when I’m cross.


My skin is too thin ,so I’m told

And my nerves are much larger and bold.

So I feel everything double

When there is real trouble.

Indeed it need only be cold


Email and formality

Email can be formal if we choose

But as time rattles on we all use

More informal manners

And dress in pajamas.

Soon they’ll be  nude  while  declaiming the  News.



Acronyms and short words abound.

If we spoke like that,how would it sound?

CU soon,lover

DNB another.

How can we be sure if we’re around?

Definitions of cachexic

cachexic (kæˈkɛksɪk



  1. (medicine) cachetic

cachexia (kəˈkɛksɪə )  or or cachexy (kəˈkɛksɪ ) 



  1. a generally weakened condition of body or mind resulting from any debilitating chronic disease

Derived Forms

cachectic (kəˈkɛktɪk ) , cachectical (kəˈkɛktɪkəl) , or cachexic (kæˈkɛksɪk)   adjective

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin from Greek kakhexia, from kakos bad + hexis condition, habit


50 per cent or more

of the world’s

surface is cheeta,

the fastest   desert

or grassland  on earth

The  animal

is a hunter

but while Xtians think,

only for a few seconds,

can she tap her top speed?

So eat each other before nightall

I wonder  animals did not

maintain  the  tactics

and planning  of

their designer.

He lets us cook in the bush

As he simmers.

He’s hot!

Paul contrived Christianity Instead he should have stuck to tea.

Matthew,Mark,Luke and John

Go and put the kettle on.

Job needs comfort,there’s no beer.

Tell him  tea is  wet and clear,

Jacob grasped his brother’s heel.

Let’s see  if this tea will heal.

Sibling troubles,concubines

All were sinners all were signs.

Matthew,Mark or Luke have gone

Let’s all read  our book by John

Paul   contrived  Christianity

Instead he should have stuck to tea.

Jesus said  ,no  sacrifice.

Just drink your tea and behave nice.

That give Judas is idea

The perfect offering stood quite near.

Jews were scandalised and how!

God  said of Isaac,no,no no !

Yet Christians say  human sacrifice

Was God’s desire for Jesus Christ.

Are we going backwards when

We kill the Christ,again,again?


I was  planning to go to the church

But my belief in God’s son ‘s in the lurch.

I feel very weak

And also can’t speak.

Ah,see the sun shine on those silver birch.


Auschwitz was surrounded by  birch.

The  guards   mostly went to their church.

They swallowed the Host

By the hell of the lost.

Leave me now,don’t try to  preach.


The ghosts of those people are here.

The world tosses us into that sphere.

Why not bomb more

Until we are sure

The ghosts are aungmented  this year.



Mysterious force

My bus queue admirer died.

He was 90 and was lonely inside.

From Cyprus they’d fled

Without even a bed.

Now he’s been swept out on the tide.


The sea is a symbol of life.

Though unruly, it does have its tides.

Its regular rhythm

Soothes the  ache in my bosom.

And on its back I long to ride.


The unknown has mysterious force

And speaks to us in its own voice.

If we attended

Our ills might be mended.

As it  often indicates our real choice.





God in the bush

Menorah is not a girls’ name.

Come here ,Norah, is not quite the same.

Let me light up your candle

And let the cat fondle..

My cheek, as it never feels shame


Candelebrah sounds extremely posh.

The vision makes  all  our cheeks flush.

The lights in the darkness

Throw out their sparks at us.

Creation ‘s a  fiery,red bush.


Word of the Day: menorah.

Word of the Day


audio pronunciation
December 06, 2015
: a candelabra with seven or nine lights that is used in Jewish worship
At sundown on the first night of Hanukkah, Joshua’s father helped him light the first candle on the menorah.

“Tens of thousands of people come out for the celebration, which includes the lighting of the state’s largest menorah (an eighteen-foot steel stunner) and a performance by famed Jewish musician Avraham Fried.” — Brooke Porter Katz, Atlanta Magazine, 1 Nov. 2015

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Did You Know?
English speakers originally used the Hebrew borrowing menorah for the seven-branched candelabra used in Jewish worship since ancient times. The nine-branched Hanukkah candelabra is called hanukkiah in Hebrew, but English speakers have come to use menorah for this candelabra too. The Hanukkah menorah recalls the expulsion by Judas Maccabaeus of invading forces from the Temple of Jerusalem. Maccabaeus and his followers sought oil for the temple’s menorah so that the sanctuary could be rededicated, but they found only enough oil for a single day. Miraculously, that tiny amount of oil burned for eight days, until a new supply could be obtained. The Hanukkah menorah includes a candle for each day the oil burned, plus the shammes, a “servant candle” that is used to light the others.

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The bus queue admirer

I had an admirer  last year

In the bus queue at me he did stare.

Beautiful eyes

He said ,very nice.

He was lonesome  and loved women fair.



Later he said,beautiful lady.

Don’t worry, it was nothing shady.

He was Greek,don’t you see

And he was lonely for me.

His wife had just died on that Mayday.


Some relations believe I have a queue

Of admirers who  wait for a cue.

But it’s all fantasy

Because,don’t you see

About romance I have no clue.


Yet if a man wants a cripple

Who can see with one eye,  and that’s subtle.

Send me your details,

Your  phone and your email;

But you need to be extra supple.



I prefer men with noses quite big

And I blush to admit,love a cig.

For my daddy smoked

And the smell  filled his coat.

So it turns me on  my wooden leg.


Qeueuing is a marker of English culture

flowersi in Mall

Unqueued colours  assaulting each other


When people complain about “foreigners” living here [ who may be British citizens BTW] one of the things they often mention is that foreigners don’t know how to queue.We queue  for buses,,taxisin shops and banks and we all know how to do it.

You must not push,shove or even touch someone else.As a matter of fact touching someone against their will is common assault.. a crime unless it’s your  spouse when it’s considered ok… or was till recently.

People stand in the order they arrive in.Late comers go to  the end.If you don’t  people get agitated unless you say,

I’m terribly sorry but I have severe pain in my legs.Could I possibly sit on that seat .I know I am pushing in but I won’t get onto the bus until it’s my turn.Thank you so much.You are so kind.

Then they will be happy to let you in.

If you visit the UK then this will help you…queueing  the British hobby and habit.Fair play and all that.

Queue… an unusual word

Five English Words That Are Utterly Unique
Before it meant a line, a queue  referred to the tail of a beast in medieval pictures and designs. The unusual spelling owes its origin to French, like many words that look a little odd in English. Prior to the Frenchification of queue, Latin spelled it simply as coda. The duplication of U and E often feels like waiting in line: once you think you are almost there, the queue magically seems to repeat itself.