Grief:the origins

First mew phome pics 007grief
noun: grief
  1. 1.
    intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.
    “she was overcome with grief”
    antonyms: joy
    • an instance or cause of intense sorrow.
      plural noun: griefs
      “time heals griefs and quarrels”
  2. 2.
    trouble or annoyance.
    “the police gave us constant grief at the match”
Middle English: from Old French grief, from grever ‘to burden’ (seegrieve1).


Try  to  do it Norway

Think of ice and snow and cuddling up.

It’s sweet in Norway,

With fires and brandy for to sup.

Welcome Norway.

Think of summer  when the sun don’t dip

And the sin don’t stop .

Well, they have to make up

Norway, I love you.

It’s my ancestral home and so I flop.


Any bad grammar ‘s  deliberate

So please forgive her it.


Bedankt voor ye  briefke

I don’t believe ya.


Be the first to hate this

My doctor  has very warm hands

They feel like they’ve been in hot sands.

He has good circulation

And fine gesticulation.

Soon he will start up a band.


For he needs much more money to pay

The lady who sits there all day

She answers the phone

In her celestial tone.

It’s enough to drive grown men to pray.


And then there’s the nurse who removes

Stitches and stones from one’s hooves.

She needs  a good wage

To pay for her gauge

To measure the width of our grooves.

The inner sea which has its flow

Ante mortem let us trust
For in the grave we turn to dust.
Yet while  in life the poor are cursed
Our treatment post mortem is just.

The worms and beetles care no more
For the rich than for the poor.
They are happy to devour
Bankers,despots,every hour.

Ante mortem, greed does win.
Houses built of gold and sin.
But God,who lives in each within,
Cares no more for gold than tin

If post mortem we are judged
Why does the rich person grudge?
Why do we refuse to budge
Right until that final nudge?

Throw away your heavy goods
Live like daisies by the woods..
Fear not hurricane nor floods
Bright daises grow even in mud.

More dependent on all power,
We trust in madmen's city towers.
Yet  we were told to live like flowers...
And enjoy  this life for an hour.

Perception is no privilege.
We each have the wits to judge.
See and note where you have smudged
What your creation would allege.

Post and ante, even now
The currents of our hearts allow...
The inner sea which has its flow
To take us where we need to go.

Be yourself

If you imitate me you will not be whom you were made to be.I know it all and then some.So do as I say and be yourself.If not be someone else.The choice is boors.Or is it ours?

Never eat fried bread for tea.Let the tea do it itself.

Always march on a tempting stomach.

I am going for acupuncture tomorrow as my bike needs  it.

Don’t sleep tonight.Read my hand.It’s got more lines than the Bible.