My dangerous husband

My husband had a strange knack of leading me into some awkward places.Like we climbed a hill in Wales and he said
We don’t need to go back all that way,I can see a road.The only drawback was that there was an 8 foot high wall where the hill met the tarmac.We jumped down and here I am.Where he is G.O.K.

We were in Devon and walked 2 miles to buy some milk.Instead of taking it back to our cottage he decided we should walk to the sea,climb a cliff [ on a path] which led to a farmyard full of hissing geese on the descent.By the time we reached home we had drunk  all the milk and my knee high boots were covered in mud.It was March 1978 a very cold month.Then he told me to clean my own boots.

I didn’t get married to clean my own boots.It’s a man’s job,like understanding politics and  praying.I am too busy balancing the books.And cooking them.Or I was.

Now it’s cream crackers on toast with rockets.I feel sorry for the tomatoes but did  I create them?

My husband could not eat raw fruit .This proves Evolution is a false theory.Mind you,he wasm’t keen on vegetables either

so his death was self induced a burden to the tax payer.Mind you,I’ll say this for him.He was born at 29 weeks in the kitchen in Teesside  and he kindly died in A and E thus not counting on the official number of old folk who died in hospital this year.You have to be in a ward to count.

Thus it was that I gave my first conscious   live performance as a singer in A and E in Greater London as we call it.

My  petit frere can verify that I have given many unconscious performances as can my ex-boyfriend Arthur.If you hum on a date it’s a sign of something……….. the end of the affair?

The hint of a fuel allowance

Sometimes love is  just enough

The term sin is out of fashion yet its reality continues uninterrupted.

Duty is still meaningful when it’s not a form of control.

Why do people assume an inverse correlation between beauty and brains.Don’t ask me.I’m a muted blonde

Or am I neutered and dyed blonde?

The Queen has maintained  a pleasant silence about Muslims entering Britain.She’s  our ace.

What will  Syrians do in Aberystwyth? Eat rock and ruin their teeth?

I just got my hint of fuel allowance.A bag of lard and a chip pan.

Just because my husband is dead does it mean I can heat only one half of the lounge or the drawing room as some call it? You can’t tell hot air where to go,can you?

Mathematics is no use for keeping me warm.I need to move something other than my brain cells.

I’ve got a little vest.Actually it’s quite big.When I opened the pack I thought,why have they put this giant sized vest here?

Now I know.

I’ve saved a fortune  having this UTI for  9 weeks.I’ve not been out,drunk coffee,bought more newspapers,met anybody.

Why I could save even more by dying! Except they won’t pay me then!

In our image?


“When we do not understand another human being, and cannot ignore him, to exert an unconscious pressure on that person to turn him into something that we can understand: many husbands and wives exert this pressure on each other. The effect on the person so influenced is liable to be the repression and distortion, rather than the improvement, of the personality; and no man is good enough to have the right to make another over in his own image.”

T S Eliot

Gas by on the other bride

He took Shirley for entertainment.

He works shark time now.

His wife is in a huddle.

Life is all bright in bed with the cat

They  praise a man  who is is good in bed.Suppose he’s dead?

Sometimes I pass by on the other tide.

I did not take early employment,lately.

I am unfit  for  praying.I never could spell well

An old folk saying is ,we’re in the doldrums.

The Ancient Harasser is in prison now,a lass!

The Trim Streaker is folloiwng me

The end time is fear.



Tears of mirth

He told me he loved me before  the tide over-ran us
His hands seem to twitch all  over me and   he trembled with tears of mirth
He was the most  underrated blogger of his  entire  degeneration
His words  felt like raindrops on toast.
His talent was  unswitchable his genius a  sorrow  in the dark
His  organ was unique among chartered territory.
His eyes gleamed like traffic signals stuck on  ” no go”
His writing was  hard to put down
He never told me his time frame but I watched him covertly.
He told me I was named in his  bills.I had overspent his money.He divorced me and I over responded by shooting him with my bow and arrow.All things may  go round the bend


A world war is never over

A world war is never over.

Versailles may have been Hitler’s  thorn

Ottoman Empire the spoils of France and Britain

Unsettle Middle East.

Men like to defend their honor;

Have no thought  fort he morrow.

that’s not quite what Jesus meant.

He meant trust in God

Not steal and kill regardless of the consequences.

It’s not only Zionists who created Israel.

It suited the  USA to have  a base there  enroute for Russia

Nothing to do with God

nor  much care for the suffering Jews

maybe even less for their brother Palestinians

It’s a strange world which could be beautiful

but the rich have a grip getting stronger all the time

Is this a poem?AmI a woman?Is God still dead?

A word becoming more trendy now:Fascism

Merriam Webster  on word usage
Every woman adores a Fascist
the boot in the face…………………………from Daddy by Silvia Plath.



Lookups spiked on December 3, 2015.


Within a few days of each other, writers for Slate and the New York Times and a commentator on CNN all referred to Donald Trump as a “fascist.”

Fascism means “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

Fascism comes from an Italian word formed from the Latin word for “bundle” or “group.” In English the word from the same Latin root is fasces(FASS-eez), meaning “a bundle of rods and among them an ax with projecting blade borne before ancient Roman magistrates as a badge of authority.” As a symbol of authority the fasces has endured up to modern times and appeared on government buildings, on U.S. military insignia, and on coins, including the dime.

From the meaning “group,” fasces also came to mean “a politically united group,” and Benito Mussolini’s followers were called fascists as he rose to become Italy’s dictator in the 1920s. The word has since been used for leaders in many other places, and has been used to describe both right-wing and left-wing political groups. In fact, the term has become less specific over time, and a second, broader definition has been added: “very harsh control or authority.”

In writing about the use of the word as an insult, E.B. White wrote in The New Yorker in 1946 that the meaning of fascist had degenerated to the point where “a Fascist is a man who votes the other way”

Human flesh and time

Precious stones reflect to us their light

A coloured love  invested and inspired

I look upon such rings with great delight

Just sun and eyes are all that we require.


Beauty and usefulness are  intertwined

Diamonds ,hard, are used to polish stone.

Yet on crowned heads they echo hope divine

That power will  aid the weary and forlorn.


For monarchs act like gods  incarnate now

Despotic , or the servants of their flock?

In Coronation rites they take a vow

Though atheists and cynics may each mock.


A  jewel ‘s symbolic of that Love sublime

Embodied in  our human flesh and  and time.




An unusual word

  • chalcedony – a precious form of quartz onyx, agate and cornelian are all types of

    Origin of CHALCEDONY [

    Merriam Webster]

    Middle English calcedonie, a precious stone, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin chalcedonius,from Greek Chalkēdōn Chalcedon

    First Known Use: 13th century

    Rhymes with CHALCEDONY