I have got  utter love from a cat

He sleeps with his head on my foot

Do you think that is sensible

Or indefensible

When we can all smell a rat.?


I’ll show you some pictures tomorrow

I just took them with c 101

They come out quite well

As I cannot tell

A  camera from my old phone.noran


Ignorant of these arts I have bought

A missing manual of sorts

Digital photography

Serial monogamy

I love you with the whole of my heart.

My history’s suffused with it

I am going to marry the postman

As soon as his wife runs away.

It might be tomorrow

What bliss and what horror.

But  it certainly won’t be today



I think I shall keep my own name

Despite what the postman might say.

For I’ve got so used to this

My history’s suffused with it.

Post me a prayer for today




What God endowed the owl with such excess

The owl can see with wide and narrow view

Focuses both poets and artists knew.
The broad sweep on the canvas makes a place
Where details and designs can have their space.
What God endowed the owl with such excess;
When all her progeny enjoy such bliss?
I think, where is the snake with frightening hiss?
What startling accident created this?
Eagles,hawks and owls must kill to eat.
No blandishments nor kindness make them sweet.
What God could make an Eden this deceit;
Where lambs are snatched up while their mothers bleat
So God himself destroys to fill his leisure
Such fearsome revelations show his measure.

.And Emile can’t change his name because it will change his personality.

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  • Stan had eaten too much pizza because he was ravenous from doing the washing. and hanging it up on the mulberry tree in his long garden Now he felt lazy and haphazardly fey and other worldly and liable to have visions..Now and then he saw an angel whom he called Yael in his home.But having looked up the real woman  Yael on a website he realised she was not a very nice woman unlike his dear wife Mary.So he was planning a new name for the angel with her permissiom
  • Do you mind if I change your name,he enquired gently when Yael came in through the French window.
    Well,what to? Yael asked him familiarly
    How about Ysabel? Stan offered.It’s got just an extra b and s.
    Or how about,Sybael?
    You seem fond of b and s, the angel answered in confusion.
    It was just mere chance,said Stan somewhat defensively.
    Ok I’ll take Sybael,the angel said loudly .
    I want to change my name too, said Emile the cat of Stan.
    How about Mebiles or Melibes or Eimbles….
    I don’t know, pouted the cat haughtily.
    How about Semile,said Stan.Though it has no letter b in it, he bragged.
    They all pondered quietly as the sun shone in through the window and made a lovely lacy pattern on the wall.
    In came Mary,Stan’s sweet old wife and his computer aided extension too.
    You are very quiet,she murmured.What’s going on here ?
    We are tring to find a new name for Emile,Stan told her as Sybael waved her wings about.
    It seems very draughty in here,Mary said.And Emile can’t change his name because it will change his personality.
    I didn’t know I had a personality,the little cat purred.
    It is what is most characteristic of you.For example, if you always hurt those you love then you have a cruel personality or you have got diabetes.Some people want love but they are too harsh and demanding.
    So true,Stan added pensively.
    Anyway,I have some awfully strange news,Mary went on.
    You just won’t believe this but Dorothy Grey who lives at the bottom of the hill has just had a heart attack.
    How come
    She had an online love relationship with a rather peculiar but intriguing and clever elderly man who turned out to be a sadist in disguise.So when she ended it he flew over and attacked her with an air gun and some cat’s claws which he had bought from a cat market
    Is he a wizard,asked Emile.
    No, he flew on a stolen magic carpet from Persia.
    Persian carpets,I’d love one here said the cat greedily
    Actually it’s a kind of plane,said Stan.
    How boring ,said Mary angrily.
    Anyway Dorothy was so shocked her arteries spasmed and she is in A and E now on morphine,she added…
    What a shame that she got that instead of a spasm elsewhere….Stan muttered thinking of Freud.
    But who’d have sex with such a horrible old man? Mary asked.
    An equally horrible old woman,maybe? Stan riposted.
    Any way it all goes to show the dangers of online love, he informed the room.
    It’s not real love,is it, because in real love the other person is as important to you as yourself.Mary said theologically.
    Well. now Eros is a kind of love,too.But many old men just want their washing done and a companion.Eros has departed from their world.
    Sybael smiled and then flew out of the window.
    What was that noise, said Mary anxiously.
    Just an angel’s wings,said Stan quietly
    If only Dorothy had seen an angel instead of that harsh old man she might be much better now.Mary mused.But not everyone can see them.Their world seems full of horrible old men and beautiful young women
    Emile winked at Stan and then ran out to chase a butterfly amongst the scented tulips.. there were lots of angels there every day but only he knew.
    Angels don’t like big modern cities but they like old abbeys and cathedrals and places where such things used to be before post modernist architecture took over.
    And cat’s claws are not meant for scratching your loved ones either.And online dating should be avoided except with atheists and agnostics.They are less judgemental about women’s place and roles.It’s strange how harsh many religious people are.Harsh and unforgiving.But so are many atheists

A gnostical twinge.

I went to the doctor to grouse.

As I seemed to have lost my own spouse.

Don’t be concerned

You haven’t been spurned.

And let me be blunt,he’s a louse.


I said,is there a shampoo not too dear

To wash such men out of one’s hair?

No,it’s a  decision,

Without any contrition,

Never, ever try to be fair.


I said,doctor I was born to be blonde

And of my hair I am reasonably  fond.

But my husband has strayed

And I’m not a maid

If you think so,then you have been conned.


You lie for your hair has gone white

Yet it looks blonde by that neon light.

Your skin looks quite pale

Keep out of all gales.

I hope that you will soon be alright.


Well,white hair is currently in vogue

And spectacles are a la mode.

But you are much too thin

To keep a mobile  phone in

Your brassiere as its  general abode.



Nobody mentions the plus

Of having a very large bus’

You can store stuff in the cleavage

I  can hardly believe it

Please don’t let  the church make a fuss.


For Christianity has a Gnostical tinge

On which numerous saints have over- binged

The flesh is  a danger

As is sex with a stranger.

This is certainly far beyond the fringe.











verb: cavil; 3rd person present: cavils; past tense: cavilled; past participle: cavilled; gerund or present participle: cavilling; past tense: caviled; past participle: caviled; gerund or present participle:caviling
  1. 1.
    make petty or unnecessary objections.
    “they cavilled at the cost”
    synonyms: complain, carp, grumble, moan, grouse, grouch,whine, bleat, find fault with, quibble about, niggle about; More

noun: cavil; plural noun: cavils
  1. 1.
    a petty or unnecessary objection.
mid 16th century: from French caviller, from Latin cavillari, from cavilla ‘mockery’.