The television screen is a window


The TV screen is a window into another world.Unlike the window in the front room here,it does not show real people going about their shows a world which has been carefully constructed.Some programs are beautiful.Some nowadays are live shows where people meet various challenges.Sometimes these can be very damaging,as can live interviews.It;s strange to see one’s PM wearing makeup.And that’s the least of it!

You can watch violence,murder or pornography if you wish or hear orchestras playing your favorite music.Extend your choice with DVD’s.Spend all your life glued to the screen….which glue is best?I’ll let you know soon.

Then there are the political aspects..I did not watch much of the grand funeral here last week of   our ex PM Maggie Thatcher but I saw enough to show it’s being used by the current government to raise their own esteem in the public eye.A politician should never have a funeral with  military honors with the coffin on a gun carriage pulled by horses and the same week poor families had their welfare cut back.Ten million pounds on this event which also was very provocative to the worst off members of society.

St Francis SOS

They can construct this kind of event and by means of it manipulate our feelings.State and ceremonial funerals are for the Royal Family who are above party politics or for someone lke Churchill who led us through the fight against Nazi Germany.

Windows…. like dreams…. think about whether someone is presenting you with a view for their own ulterior motives and not to enlarge your view of the world


.April 2013 – Margaret Thatcher dies.
May 2013 – Hell privatised.

Shares available in Hell’s kitchen soon.

The aftermath of life

I might say we live in the aftermath of the Cold War

So many other wars have been desired and been granted since then.

There’s something in the nature of civilisation

That  has made this inevitable

So I read.

The masters have freedom to invent and to create

The masses are slaves

Made more comfortable by TV and other soothers.

Think you are an individual?

Then try to leave a hospital before the doctors and managers decide you are ready

Intriguingly, those who do live longer than the passive.

Try to be old and untidy and “Carers”     will be supplied

Who can throw out all your books to make dusting easier.

If you can afford a large house,naturally you can have a library

Otherwise you  are a “Compulsive book buyer”

Economics determines your mental health in other ways

Science,how can it be science when they can’t experiment?

They just want the glow of numbers to make them superior.

The aftermath of work  is leisure,if you can afford it.

The aftermath of sex depends on many things and leads to others.

From pregnancy to death is not so far even now.

The aftermath of Xmas is debt,divorce or disappointment.

Unless you are of the spiritual type.

Then it could be hubris.



Aftermath is MW word of the day

Photo1451 c



noun AF-ter-math


1 : a second-growth crop

2 : consequence, result 

3 : the period immediately following a usually ruinous event


It was almost noon before I felt ready to face the aftermath of the previous night’s festivities, and to begin cleaning up.

“In the aftermath of World War II, Tupperware parties became a popular compromise between the jobs many [American women] had grown accustomed to while American men were fighting overseas and their re-entrenched domestic obligations as wives and mothers.” — Schuyler Velasco, The Christian Science Monitor, 31 Aug. 2015

Did You Know?

Aftermath dates to the late 1400s and was originally an agricultural term. Its two parts are transparent—but only if you’re familiar with an ancient word math that is now used only in British dialectal English and that means “a mowing of a grass or hay crop” and also refers to the crop that is gathered. The original aftermath came, of course, after the math: it was historically the crop of (usually) grass cut, grazed, or plowed under after the first crop of the season from the same soil. It wasn’t until the mid-late 1600s that aftermath developed its other meanings, both of which are now far more common than the fi

To look upon your countenance

To look upon your countenance is all that I desire

To sit with you and hold your hand by this red winter fire

But you are so far away,I do not recognise

The features once so dear to me, and those   soft green blue eyes.


You had a merry cheerful soul and loved all your friends

You may have loved your enemies,to wit I’ll not descend.

I heard your voice one morning late,I heard you clear your throat.

I hastened down the stairs  and found that old brown winter coat.


I put the coat near to me and felt salt tears  slip down

They ran across my face and dripped onto  that  old coat brown

The memories seem too few,my dear,though we had happy times.

And now I must be going and  I’ll finish off this  rhyme.


So  many years  a part of me,the hole with sorrow filled.

I’ll sit and gaze at these bare trees until my heart is stilled

Goodbye,goodbye , goodbye my love my dearest one.

I’ll try to start my life again,accepting that you’re gone.


Countenance: the definition