To look upon your countenance

To look upon your countenance is all that I desire

To sit with you and hold your hand by this red winter fire

But you are so far away,I do not recognise

The features once so dear to me, and those   soft green blue eyes.


You had a merry cheerful soul and loved all your friends

You may have loved your enemies,to wit I’ll not descend.

I heard your voice one morning late,I heard you clear your throat.

I hastened down the stairs  and found that old brown winter coat.


I put the coat near to me and felt salt tears  slip down

They ran across my face and dripped onto  that  old coat brown

The memories seem too few,my dear,though we had happy times.

And now I must be going and  I’ll finish off this  rhyme.


So  many years  a part of me,the hole with sorrow filled.

I’ll sit and gaze at these bare trees until my heart is stilled

Goodbye,goodbye , goodbye my love my dearest one.

I’ll try to start my life again,accepting that you’re gone.


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