Rubber face

  • My husband has a rubber face,

    He’s from a subgroup of the human race.

    Some men have faces fixed and set;

    My husband’s face is not like that.

    He imitates our politicians,

    Just like Rory Bremner can.

    Though he has no wig or hair piece,

    He can look like anyone.

    Some nights I waken for I’m laughing

    While I am in the depths of sleep.

    I am dreaming of his mobile features,

    Contorted to a different shape.

    He is skilled at telling jokes.

    And he loves a good cartoon.

    If I ‘m feeling dark and desperate

    He will help me up again.

    He has a rather noble visage.

    He gets attention he abhors.

    In the bar on King’s Cross Station—

    I was asked was he a Lord!

    He’s a Lord of Fun and Humour.

    He’s a Lord at Listening Well.

    He’s unique, but so are you,

    And all creatures that on earth do dwell

My ciel est tombé sur l’étang

Oh, je vois si doux de l’listening..he loup ou est-il mentale?
Oh, Ah, kerbumplof.
Cris, demandant compagnon
Bang mon âme
Dans ta chambre
Ker pluf
Tempêtes de la foudre
Vous Hail
Moi, oh, moi oh, m’a coincé ici dans mon sillon
Donnez-moi des chocs électriques, le treatment.Sulk silencieuse pour moi, s’il vous plaît, en Argentine.
Screech, crier, je sentais que vous regarder.
Touchez-moi avec une plume
Je vois les guêpes autour de votre manteau
Ils vous prennent dans les bras et le PIN de votre cou
Ne pas cocme près de moi à nouveau
loups ne sont pas
Eh bien venir!
Je soupire pour mein Mutter
elle est cinglée,
Bruit sourd!
Tu me deteste!
Ne jamais appeler à nouveau lorsque vous êtes déjà ici
Vous n’êtes pas les bienvenus.
Je ferme ma porte
sur le démarrage de votre pied
Oh oui.
Le tonnerre et la foudre
Rentre à la maison maintenant
Ceci est un poème plus susceptibles
mal conçu
Aigle vole pendant que je suis
Tomber une montagne …
Éboulis combustion.
Je ne veux plus jamais vous revoir, babe.My canard.
S’il vous plaît être un amour et laisser me.Cheers
Voilà ok.I vous comprends.
Asp, halètement
Par bot voler!
Pas de bruit
Aucune Dach
gémissement sunds.
Il est temps pour mon thé et biscuits
Je cuisinais deux fois
mais vous étiez
ab ab Un aahaa absent aaab aa
Non non Non
Je ne peux pas vous croire!
Couper cette chaîne et laissez tout sortir à nouveau
Oh, bloggers.Go au lit
Mein eschreitschzung.Flightschzung.Nachtschzung
Je suis une tache d’encre.
Je veux vos doigts, si propre et courbe
Je vais vous marque et vous donne devoirs
Och, aye
Il est bien venu
Crooner pièges à souris
Voir Rockefeller
abandonner et
Apportez un sac de plath de Sylvia
At-elle k maintenant?
At-elle la sueur
Thud.My ciel est tombé sur l’étang
Ne pas fumer près de moi
Je vais me brûle
Car je vous hais
Ou tout simplement envie votre chapeau et un E pour
Droom, droom
Ted est allé au lit
où il a passé sa lune de miel
avec une autre femme
Pas avec le second
Ça nous a tous fini au large


Herr Meightschrung!

Teacher marks the verse 3/10

She’s enthralled with bows of holly.

Tra la etc

She’s no reason for her folly.

Flaunts  she now  her queer apparel

Whilst she haunts the   old beer barrel

Tra lalalalalala



1 Rhyming verse is old fashioned and unpublishable.You need to be destructured and derrida-ised and also deodorised.

2 How can you tie a bow with a holly branch.They prick.So non-realistic but not  quite making it to  the world of truly surreal  fantasy.This  line inhabits a world of its own with no particular attraction to most human beings ,who prefer to live with live beings ,not isolated, meaningless, confused and curmudgeonly lines from amateur poets manque.

3.It may be politically incorrect.That may not concern some people but we must keep up to date.If you wish to  be non PC make that plain but without stating it transparently.Study some government reports

4.How can a living person haunt anyone? Are you following me on Twitter or down the road?Are you suffering from OCD and if so are you in treatment or just making the most of it?Count your blessings  or sheep.Knock,knock.

5.Women don’t like beer much unless  they are sculptors and even then it makes one pee too much.The toilets in Aldeburgh are awful I do agree though that beer does transcend gender in the manner Lacan described in E-creatures.Foucault began this tendency as being French he drank wine  in bed and wrote  on his knees.What with we don’t know.But if you imitate them you will never beget a degree even in hand writing


I am afraid I have to fail you and I don’t know if you could do better.How about moving to finger painting next term?

Electric Cheetah

Was this Earth designed for life or death,

When wired up cheetahs surf the desert sands

Seeking prey to stave off hunger’s wrath?

This hunt’s repeated over all our lands.

And in deep sea of green we find the curse

Of being pursuer or of becoming prey.

Blood in water looks to me much worse

Yet God requires that we should kneel and pray

Rare flowers can snatch and eat the striped bee

Programmed by genes to fertilize and feed.

I grieve a fierce and violent God exacts a fee.

Even loves to see his creatures as they bleed.

Nature soothes our souls when life’s all green.

Yet tiger springs and cares not when we scream

But you ain’t trickin’ me.

He was always very adamant

He could not change his mind

So I soaked his head in old red wine

Because I am so kind.


When he woke up he looked the same

But he spoke so tenderly:

You may  have tricked some other guys.

But you ain’t trickin’ me.


I said I knew  no other men;

He was  my heart’s desire.

He threw his water glass at me

And said I was a liar.


So then I realised with dread,

My love was utter folly.

I gave him 20 English pounds

To buy himself a lolly.


Adamantine’s good for jewels

But not for picking men.

I shall learn my lesson now.

Pray I’ll never sin again.



Merriam Webster:Adamantine

This is a very interesting word.I feel it’s pity few students learn Latin or Greek nowadays.Only the most privileged
Word of the Day


audio pronunciation
December 08, 2015
: made of or having the quality of adamant
: rigidly firm : unyielding
: resembling the diamond in hardness or luster
The ushers were adamantine in their refusal to let latecomers into the theater.

“Lampard and Pirlo have been adamantine, but even Lampard fell prey to injury this past season.” — Rafael Noboa y Rivera, The Hudson River Blue, 17 June 2015

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Did You Know?
The Greek and Latin word for the hardest imaginable substance, whether applied to a legendary stone or an actual substance, such as diamond, was adamas. Latin poets used the term figuratively for things lasting, firm, or unbending, and the adjective adamantinus was used in similar contexts. The English noun adamant (meaning “an unbreakable or extremely hard substance”), as well as the adjective adamant (meaning “inflexible” or “unyielding”), came from adamas. Adamantine, which also has such figurative uses as “rigid,” “firm,” and “unyielding,” came from adamantinus.Adamas is actually the source of diamond as well. Diamas, the Latin term for diamond, was an alteration of adamas.

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