Dr Brown gave me some pills

Dr Brown gave me some pills

For I need to heal my ills.

But God  it is who rules us yet

And so with him I have to sweat.


Now on my fifth week of drugs

Maybe  what I need is hugs.

But my cat’s arms are  far too short,

So with him I can’t cavort.


Hence I have to buy a snake.

I am reluctant for to take

A  slimy creature into bed

We’ll both lie on the floor instead.


Yet I feel I’d like a lion.

Take me now,oh Lord,to Zion.

A lion   may get a thorny paw

As Daniel in the Bible saw.


So if I aid this sleeping lion

He will hug me, am I lying?

When he wakes he may eat me.

Better make a pot of tea.



Bread and butter,fish and chips

No  surprise I have big hips.

I hope these new pills will aid me.

I think I’ll know by Saturday.


For my urinary tract

With jewelled lights must now be packed

Oh,Lord save my kidneys   health

Or I’ll be with you   with my wealth.




I know that's how death will come,
Suddenly flying into another orbit
when you are photographing flowers.
It's not a gentle transition.
No-one will know where you've gone.
One step wrong and you're
off the high wire
And plunging into the no safety net.
Flying for a while;
Jumping into hyperspace,spinning electrons
Startle your grey eyes.
Transiting the new black sun
You're on a double gold helix,
Spider on your web,
Knitting furiously
Into the future heaven on gossamer wings.
Butterfly goodbye,I'm off to see the stars.
And the black holes.No-one will come with me.
I'm shaking off,evaporating into mist.
I'm a flying saucer on a circus mission.
I can't say no to a new invitation.
Make it fast and break with tradition.
Time is passing smoothly till that break
In the music,I've been transmuted into a different key
someone else will play me on their violin
I'm a tune,
I'm a thought,
I'm a whisper in your vision.
Goodbye,darling.I'm under orders
Ready to leave for my performance
On the electric carpet.
Death dancing to a tune on a violoncello,
Arpeggionne sonata
i'm playing your words upside down
In a new foreign translation,
Accompanied by solo artists,ice cracking
I'm going in.It's too sudden.
I'm flying.
Spinning faster to amuse the clowns,
too many ups and no downs.
I'm going right out of orbit
I've broken the pull of gravity,
And fly with pure equanimity
Into my future life,
I'm off at some moment,
An instant ,a crack,a loud smack.
That was me passing.

Arctic sea

I dreamed that I swam in a silvery sea
Like mercury from the school lab
and around me were gathered uncountable swans
Looking both regal and sad.
Then one floated over and sang to me
In a voice that was mellow and clear
"I've consulted extensively with all of the swans
And you definitely should not be here"

I wondered where I was meant to swim
If i could not swim with these swans,
Till I found myself flat in the back of a car
With a pleasingly attractive young man!
Soon I found I was pregnant with three sets of 
I was feeling remarkably sanguine.
Till my handsome young lover came back to my side
Along with a rather large penguin.

At 3.33am I woke myself up 
I was laughing so much I was shaking.
When I fell back to sleep,so quick and so deep,
The penguin was still patiently waiting!
I am afraid I don't recall much more,
My mind was so full of glee;
but when I found some ice by my bed the next day
I remembered that great Arctic Sea

Winter Solstice

Wind-powered  rippling branches catch my eye


Outlined against the grey and  sinking  clouds

My cat is stretched immobile  where he lies

On last night’s paper, he his weight allows


No frost has come to emphasis the  night

Nor snow to cover ugly roads and cars.

Nor to  tune into  the squawking neon lights

Which decorate our  pavements  for long hours.

I wait in silence for the birth of Christ.

Born  in time  into eternal snow.

The stars gazed down to see Wise Men arrive.

And shepherds with their sheep made progress slow.

Our salvation lies in nature and new birth.

As angels ever dance in gracious mirth



Some selections from Dictionary.com

[proh-fuhlak-sis, prof-uh-]
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  1. the preventing of disease.
  2. the prevention of a specific disease, as bystudying the biological behavior, transmission,etc., of its causative agent and applying aseries of measures against it.

prophylactic treatment, as the cleaning of theteeth by a dentist or dental hygienist.
Origin of prophylaxis

1835-45; < New Latin < Greek pro- pro-2+ phýlaxis awatching, guarding, equivalent to phylak- (base of phylássein to guard) + -sis -sis

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Historical Examples
  • These studies in pathogenesis and etiology are fundamentally necessary for the development of arational therapy and prophylaxis.

  • The prophylaxis of yellow-fever is suggested bymeans of static electricity.

    Makers of Electricity Brother Potamian
  • Richet gave the name anaphylaxis (no protection) tothis phenomenon to distinguish it from immunity orprophylaxis (protection).

    The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey
  • Only in this way is the prophylaxis of arteriosclerosispossible.

    Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension: Louis Marshall Warfield
  • In prophylaxis of the family the first indication is tostop the production of degenerates.

    Degeneracy Eugene S. Talbot
  • prophylaxis of the habit is an ethical question that wecan scarcely do justice to here.

    Psychotherapy James J. Walsh
  • The prophylaxis of disease is in Alexanders opinionthe important part of the physicians duty.

    Medieval Medicine James J. (James Joseph) Walsh
  • prophylaxis of degeneracy in the individual shouldcommence with the birth of the child.

    Degeneracy  Eugene S. Talbot
  • The Army regulations as to prophylaxis and theintroduction of intoxicants into camps were strictlyand honestly enforced.

    Some War-time Lessons Frederick P. (Frederick Paul) Keppel
  • There is a passage, also, almost more interesting withregard to prophylaxis of rupture of the perineum.

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the prevention of disease or control of itspossible spread