The aftermath of life

I might say we live in the aftermath of the Cold War

So many other wars have been desired and been granted since then.

There’s something in the nature of civilisation

That  has made this inevitable

So I read.

The masters have freedom to invent and to create

The masses are slaves

Made more comfortable by TV and other soothers.

Think you are an individual?

Then try to leave a hospital before the doctors and managers decide you are ready

Intriguingly, those who do live longer than the passive.

Try to be old and untidy and “Carers”     will be supplied

Who can throw out all your books to make dusting easier.

If you can afford a large house,naturally you can have a library

Otherwise you  are a “Compulsive book buyer”

Economics determines your mental health in other ways

Science,how can it be science when they can’t experiment?

They just want the glow of numbers to make them superior.

The aftermath of work  is leisure,if you can afford it.

The aftermath of sex depends on many things and leads to others.

From pregnancy to death is not so far even now.

The aftermath of Xmas is debt,divorce or disappointment.

Unless you are of the spiritual type.

Then it could be hubris.



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