What happened to him?

The government have decided doctors can give love on prescription to older people who often live alone.

The problem is no one seems to know what love would look like

You can’t describe it in words but you would know it if you felt it said Mary Darkwood

She said that if you act lovingly to a person eventually you will begin to love them and they will begin to love you

But she recommends you not to waste your love on men who never get washed. In this time of pandemic we must remember clean hands and possibly clean lips and face and nose are the best way to protect ourselves against catching viruses.

Maybe it is better not to kiss anyone unless you’ve known them for 3-months and you have had time to inspect their bathroom.

And if you are dirty yourself it might be a good idea for jet wash before you go out looking for love.

The time of the hippies has passed. The question of the kind of clothing that you life on men is something that you should think about

I don’t like shorts on most men nor sandals with hairy feet.

Also be aware of very strong deodorants could this be a murderer who is trying to cover his tracks or is he trying to hide the fact that he never gets washed by sprayin ghimself with antiperspirants

Remember that you can make yourself ill using too much antiperspirant because they stop sweat from coming out of the body and if it can’t you will die.

T.his is getting confusing it seems that nature prefers dirt and sweat

I don’t think Jesus would have won a deodorant or antiperspirant even though an angel would have been glad to buy some for him What about Mary Magdalene? I doubt if she wore anything more than red lipstick. And a dress

Well that’s very interesting do you think the doctors in Jerusalem would have prescribed love for their patients? Jesus was a doctor possibly. And look what happened to him.

Where are the real doctors now?

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