Shocked by life events I fell down low

Unsure of what to do or where to go.

I lay unmoving on the muddy ground.

I did not speak nor did I make a sound

I grew colder as the sun sank low

Till all that could be seen was a faint glow

At last I stood then sat down on a log

Fearing I might sink into a bog

Getting to my feet I tried to walk

I must move before the midnight dark

I felt no hope no comfort, had no faith

Yes all my face was sad,in tears I bathed

I thought that I would die of bitter grief

My life eclipsed by trauma unreleased.

And then I was enveloped by warm light.

Kindness covered me on that dark night.

Then I knew the meanings of this pain

I must get up yes I must walk again

Without a compass map or any guide

The darkness my companion as I strive

The golden light was love but also fear

We are never lost if we are dear

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