Emptying yourself tonight?

You are going to do something creative. So how do you get ready? You are hoping for some new ideas some connections.

Well suppose you are going to bake a cake the first thing that you do is what?

You have to clear a space on your work surface or table to put you your baking bowl and you have to make sure the oven is empty

The very first thing you must do is to wash up in case the cake tin all the bowls you need all there being soaked and there’s no room for anything else so you wash up up.and put these things away and now you have a space in which you can set about creating the cake of your dreams

Supposing do you want to paint a picture or write a poem.

Our mind is full of ideas,of people we’ve just seen or a unfulfilled desires thoughts about food clothing who knows jealousy envy love

Well you can’t create when your mind is full like that.

That is what Marion Milner discovered that if she said

I am nothing I have nothing I want nothing

This freed her from the buzzing cloud of flies inside my head. And then thoughts and ideas from the deeper parts of the mind can come into the consciousness.

She calls this the gesture of

Inner Poverty.

By giving up for a time all the things that occupy our thoughts we create some space for new ideas.

I can’t guarantee that they will be any good but there’s a good chance of it if we follow up a little ideas with some hard work.

I think it might be rather like the desireless that is part of Buddhism.

Saying I am nothing is not self derogatory. Nobody is nothing o and if you believe in God you will believe that everybody has a soul equal two other people’s in the eyes and God regardless of your wealth or status. It’s it’s moving away from constant occupation with egocentric concerns which can impede perception.

Because these concerns are a barrier to our vision.

This is just one way of looking at perception and creativity


Doctors getting the 19th off

Don’t get ill on the 19th of September because your doctor has apparently been given permission to close when he’s already been closed for 2 days over the weekend. Remember that a lot of people will be drinking heavily and therefore there will be crowds of people at accident and emergency. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to 0 come to London for the Queen’s funeral I am sure there will be accidents in London and other places

Embracing Wynne Godley, an Economist Who Modeled the Crisis



Most, like Nouriel Roubini of New York University, issued warnings in informal notes. But Mr. Godley “was the most scientific in the sense of having a formal model,” Dr. Bezemer said.

It was far from a first for Mr. Godley. In January 2000, the Council of Economic Advisers for President Bill Clinton hailed a still “youthful-looking and vigorous” expansion. That March, Mr. Godley and L. Randall Wray of the University of Missouri-Kansas City derided it, declaring, “Goldilocks is doomed.” Within days, the Nasdaq stock market peaked, heralding the end of the dot-com bubble.

Why does a model matter? It explicitly details an economist’s thinking, Dr. Bezemer says. Other economists can use it. They cannot so easily clone intuition.

Mr. Godley was relatively obscure in the United States. He was better known in his native Britain — The Times of London called him “the most insightful macroeconomic forecaster of his generation” — though often as a renegade.

An experiment in leisure & On not being able to paint

The book from which I took the previous passage or should I say the passages on the previous post it’s cold

An experiment in leisure

By Marion milner

Marion milner also published a very important book for artists and others

On not being able to paint

The first book She wrote was

A life of one’s own

I found this book very very important to me throughout my life

But some friends of mine don’t like it so I would say it’s well worth looking at these books.

Giving up specific desires

From the book, an experiment in leisure by Marion Milner

I will post the details later.

hardly knew where to begin in trying to explore them. My first thought was, is it possible that by embracing inner poverty one could escape from the fear of actual poverty, of loss of friends or reputation or livelihood? Echoes of this theme, even from my childhood, began to crowd in on me. In Kipling’s Jungle Book I had especially loved the story of the Miracle of Purun Bhagat, a king who set aside his riches and embraced poverty, wandering with a

Writing Rules! Advice From The Times on Writing Well – The New York Times



Writing Rules! Advice From The Times on Writing Well

  • Rule 1: Listen to the Voice Inside Your Head. …
  • Rule 2: Learn From the Masters. …
  • Rule 3: Read Like Writers. …
  • Rule 4: Review the Rules. …
  • Rule 5: Study Sentences. …
  • Rule 6: Write With Non-Zombie Nouns and Verbs. …
  • Rule 7: Punctuate That Thought. …
  • Rule 8: Nobody’s Perfect.

More items…

20 Sept 2012

How can we be willing to accept?

With the wounds of life whose cuts are very deep

We will feel the pains we have ignored

No more can stern denial lock the doors

We stand on cliffs whose fall is very steep

We must find the guidance from within

Pain will show the route that we must take

Do not think by murder to escape.

Oh coward heart I’ve hardly yet begun

Better to take slow and steady ways

Do not climb the rock face of your grief

Danger is the weapon of a thief

The ways of love must always be obeyed

Yet how can we be willing to accept

That we must pay the whole price of this debt?

My Sister Did Me Wrong in Secret. Should I Tell Her I Know?


We’re entitled, absent special considerations, to feel and to express resentment when we are wronged. Indeed, you aren’t treating people as responsible for their acts if you don’t respond to them with the appropriate “reactive attitudes,” as the philosopher Peter Strawson called feelings like resentment. Your elder sisters, you note, grew up without the financial stability you enjoyed and experienced the kind of corporal punishment that was once the norm and that you were fortunately spared. Yet these historically commonplace circumstances aren’t known to turn people into devious schemers. So your resentment is merited. If your aim is simply, as we say, to get it off your chest, there’s no moral reason