Where thou goest, I will also go

I felt the sun’s heat on the wheelie bins
The plastic lids and handles stung my hand
The rumbling wheels made their own  ugly din

I bumped my leg and nearly burned my shin
This work is more familiar to a man
I felt the sun’s heat on the wheelie bins

They spoil my garden and  ignite my pen
I wish the PM would issue a new ban
The rumbling wheels made their own  ugly din


Can human sacrifice expunge our sins?
Grenfell Tower, a Death Camp I see so.
I felt the sun’s heat on the vicious bin.

Men in power fought red tape, grumbling, grim.
The sacrificial victims died by fire or blow
The voices of democracy grew dim

A neighbour said …….  illegals, eeh by gum,
So as they burned, no one will ever know
I smelled the smoke of Auschwitz rippling in.

Where thou goest, I will also go
The Christian world sure writes a damning show
My heart cracked and I fell into the bin
They grumbling  made their own   darned ugly din

Hear the Pennines as they call.

The high force of the of Tees is cruel

The water earth still fight a duel.

The looming rocks and cliffs severe

Fill my heart with violent fear.

Cross Fell so dark so huge so wild

Unfit for sheep and beasts so mild

As we drove South our Northern hearts

Like the river plunged in doubt

The savage Pennines called us back.

In the rocks there is a crack

And through this crack the scent and feel

Recall to us the place that heals

Not all the world is mild and small

Hear the mountains as they call.

When It’s Safe to Exercise After Getting Sick | NYU Langone News

“Cardone recommends staying well hydrated, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding overexertion. After being sick, listen to your body, rest when you need it, and ease your way back into your normal workout routine, he says. It may take a few weeks for you to get back to your usual intensity and duration, so be patient.” https://nyulangone.org/news/when-its-safe-exercise-after-getting-sick#:~:text=Cardone%20recommends%20staying%20well%20hydrated,and%20duration%2C%20so%20be%20patient.