Soles heeled here

There is humour in the Bible we revere
Soles are heeled,partitions sent to God
Perfect love will complicate your fear

Five thousand people shared a single deer
The meat was cooked by a fierce lightning rod
There is humour in the Bible, we can hear

There is nothing much to buck up the impure
But plentiful the ways to cut off heads
Perfect love can escalate one’s fear

God made Jonah subtly disappear
And caught Elijah when in caves he hid
There is humour in the Bible if you peer

With a wail from Jonah,God appeared
His still small voice got louder by the Flood
Perfect love will castrate perfect fear

After many liars are burned as wood
I hope Gomorrha you will all be good
There is guidance in the Bible, but laugh here.
Perfect love will castrate perfect fear

Slow and simple like the snail. Never answer your email.

Still life e by Katherine

You know what will work? Small actions repeated consistently over a very long period of time. Incremental change is short-term boring, but long-term exciting.

Crossword terror

Arnside bot.
Silvered male.

Change at Ox -in -home for Hinder here
Can he stun old man?
Shall we rave?
Striding Ledge.
Abiding grudge.
Beatrix Hotter.
Cross by terror
The river can’t.
Watercolour depressions of the meres.
A nymph a night keeps the cat awake
The river loon frightened everybody
Brambles glide.

The bonus gerry

Beard tricks stutter


Lake of margarine.

Tests wait.


Arnside shot.