How Extreme Heat Can Influence Mood and Mental Health – The New York Times

Tens of millions of people across the United States have been enduring heat wave after heat wave this summer, in what feels like an unrelenting succession of humid days and scorching temperatures. While there’s no denying that extreme heat and humidity can be physically uncomfortable, research suggests that such conditions can be trying on your psychological well-being, too.

“We see across the whole spectrum of mental health” that heat extremes are damaging to mental well-being, said Nick Obradovich, a computational social scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and co-author of a 2018 study that analyzed the mental health risks of climate change.

Studies have found links between rising temperatures and a range of mental health issues including mental fatigueaggression and even higher rates of suicide. This connection is not just limited to surges in temperature, Dr. Obradovich said, it’s also present for people living in climates where it is consistently hot. (Though of course mental health trends can depend on a variety of factors outside of temperature, too.)

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My old doctor was a very kind man
He kept his money in the frying pan.

I lent him £10 every day.

Why he needed it he would not say

I asked him if he backed a horse

Then he said for a woman I was very coarse.

I moved to 0 Aberystwyth and left him behind

For Aberystwyth is very hard to find

But I saw him on the beach the other day

He’s a very honest man so we’re going out to play

How to live with no money

Oh lord let us keep them happy with extended kitchens knife blocks and copper pans even copper work surfaces there’s always something new we can get.

Let’s tell them my high waisted jeans I need knickers like Brazilians, but should we get noughtie nostalgia we’ll need navel baring thongs

We are all sex workers now

You don’t need to go to university to get a job like that

Unless you want to be a courtesan and quite frankly can anybody spell it now?

Sorry I have your dreams which you know in fashion

0 when you have no tin of soldiers

Do you know where you get free chocolate fingers can you believe it?

I wish I was a vegetarian or even a vegetable. It may be dull but it’s peaceful and I wouldn’t have a mouth. I don’t like biting sarcasm even with custard on

A serious problem is that is people don’t have spare money just spend on their homes they will get very restless indeed and they will start a civil war the riots in 2011 were nothing compared to what’s coming in 2022. Don’t even mention 2033.

We don’t want to learn French country cooking anymore or or buy stuff from Provence.

Running away running away forest drop some of his golden wallpaper

He’s going to sell it to the British museum or Madame Tussauds! Yes they will have a waxwork Boris very soon.

They will give us all the small coffee and some darts so that we can can throw a spite. across the floor

0h, use it or lose it

Do not pretend to be cheerful



“There is a fundamental difference between practising the Greek virtues of patience, justice or courage, and practising the American virtue of cheerfulness, which borders on psychosis. Patience asks us to change our behaviour, but it neither asks us to feel differently nor to pretend to feel differently. Granted, Aristotle believed that practising patience over a length of time would naturally make us more patient, but pretence was never part of the deal. You can act patient while feeling impatient, and it’s no lie. But when you fake cheerfulness, you are telling someone else that you feel fine when you don’t. This encourages the most maddening American T-shirts and aprons that say: ‘Smile! Happiness looks gorgeous on you!’

Cheerfulness conceived as a virtue – à la Boy Scout Law – instead of a spontaneous feeling is a pretence. It’s not an action but it is an act. Whistling while you work might be worth defending, but forcing yourself to smile when you don’t feel like it amounts to lying to the people around you. ‘Fake it till you make it’ has brutal consequences when applied to the emotions. “


noun: optimism
  1. 1.
    hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.
    “the talks had been amicable and there were grounds for optimism”
    synonyms: hopefulness, hope, confidence, buoyancy,cheer, good cheer, cheerfulness,sanguineness, positiveness, positive attitude

    “such statements reflect the growing optimism among members of the profession”
    antonyms: pessimism
  2. 2.
    the doctrine, especially as set forth by Leibniz, that this world is the best of all possible worlds.
    • the belief that good must ultimately prevail over evil in the universe.

Why is acceptance important for our mental health? | MyMind

One reason why acceptance can be so important is that it is very hard to do anything constructive about something when we don’t accept it. A degree of acceptance can be an important requirement for real engagement and for change to happen.

For example, let’s say two friends are driving to a hurling match. Suddenly the car hits a bump in the road and gets a flat type. The passenger glances at the driver and anxiously says, “hey, looks like we have a flat. Looks like we have a problem”. Now imagine that the driver, without missing a beat, speeds up and says, “no we haven’t!”

Now these people have two problems: a flat tyre and a driver who won’t, or can’t, accept the situation. This lack of acceptance in this situation is going to make a bad situation worse. Therefore, acceptance sets the groundwork for getting one’s bearings, rolling up one’s sleeves, assessing the situation and ultimately

Our history | Fabian Society

Government and trade unionism to transform society.

The early Fabians’ commitment to non-violent political change was underlined by the role the Fabian Society played in parliamentary politics. Having initially sought to influence the Liberal and Conservative parties, the Fabians participated in the foundation of the Labour party in 1900. The society has been affiliated to Labour throughout the party’s history and is the only original founder that remains affiliated in unchanged form.

None of the early figures in the society were more significant than Beatrice and Sidney Webb in developing the ideas that would come to characterise Fabian thinking and in developing the thorough research methodology that remains a feature of the Society to the present day. Both prodigious authors

Your Sense of Agency: Are You in Control of Your Life? | Psychology Today United Kingdom

various ways in which you consciously or unconsciously try to increase your own sense of agency through your relationship. Feeling needed and wanted by a partner can create a sense of power and control, but if the relationship fails, your old feelings of being ineffectual and weak will return. The nurturing, support, and resourcefulness of an overly empathic white knight initially enhance her feelings of agency, but such acts ultimately render her dependent on her partner’s response in order to maintain her sense of being an effective person. The tarnished and terrorizing/terrified white knight may control his partner; however, his sense of agency depends on his maintaining that control.