Why is acceptance important for our mental health? | MyMind


One reason why acceptance can be so important is that it is very hard to do anything constructive about something when we don’t accept it. A degree of acceptance can be an important requirement for real engagement and for change to happen.

For example, let’s say two friends are driving to a hurling match. Suddenly the car hits a bump in the road and gets a flat type. The passenger glances at the driver and anxiously says, “hey, looks like we have a flat. Looks like we have a problem”. Now imagine that the driver, without missing a beat, speeds up and says, “no we haven’t!”

Now these people have two problems: a flat tyre and a driver who won’t, or can’t, accept the situation. This lack of acceptance in this situation is going to make a bad situation worse. Therefore, acceptance sets the groundwork for getting one’s bearings, rolling up one’s sleeves, assessing the situation and ultimately

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