He said he’s got hallelujah

What’s that, a cousin of halitosis?

Well think about it. Leonard Cohen would have not been successful he had sung

Halitosis halitosis Hally toe oh oh oh oh oh Sis.

In a few years nobody will know what halitosis is

Nobody will have bad breath in a few years?

No they will just call it bad breath because halitosis is too complicated to learn

Well it’s not that bad to spell is it?

It’s not as difficult as halleluja do you think hallelujah is Jewish?

I’m afraid I don’t know  that but Leonard Cohen was

Yes the word Cohen means priest. All the priests are descended from Aaron and if you are male and descended from Aaron you are a priest

So you are a priest if and only if if you are a male descendent of Aaron?


But I don’t want to be a priest

But you’re not jewish!

We can’t be sure because he might have had  illegitimate children

I think I better get you some Prozac

Will it make me feel Jewish?

I don’t think anybody could feel Jewish if they had not been brought up in a Jewish household

So it’s not genetic then?

The genes don’t work if they’re not put in the right environment.

Like many human beings.

Yes if there were no dirty kitchen then women wouldn’t feel like cleaning them1p

P I’m beginning to get the hang of this. So if there were no churches or synagogues or mosques nobody would feel like praying.P

Except when they were having a heart transplantP

Why would that be different?

They could be staring death in the face.

I didn’t know that deatg5 had a face

It’s metaphorical!

Well if you see it coming in the door

If it is going to come it will come

That’s what my mother used to say when I was constipated.

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