How to live with no money

Oh lord let us keep them happy with extended kitchens knife blocks and copper pans even copper work surfaces there’s always something new we can get.

Let’s tell them my high waisted jeans I need knickers like Brazilians, but should we get noughtie nostalgia we’ll need navel baring thongs

We are all sex workers now

You don’t need to go to university to get a job like that

Unless you want to be a courtesan and quite frankly can anybody spell it now?

Sorry I have your dreams which you know in fashion

0 when you have no tin of soldiers

Do you know where you get free chocolate fingers can you believe it?

I wish I was a vegetarian or even a vegetable. It may be dull but it’s peaceful and I wouldn’t have a mouth. I don’t like biting sarcasm even with custard on

A serious problem is that is people don’t have spare money just spend on their homes they will get very restless indeed and they will start a civil war the riots in 2011 were nothing compared to what’s coming in 2022. Don’t even mention 2033.

We don’t want to learn French country cooking anymore or or buy stuff from Provence.

Running away running away forest drop some of his golden wallpaper

He’s going to sell it to the British museum or Madame Tussauds! Yes they will have a waxwork Boris very soon.

They will give us all the small coffee and some darts so that we can can throw a spite. across the floor

0h, use it or lose it