Father Christmas

Dear father made Christmas a real treat

He cracked the walnuts with his feet

Hi Xmas crackers had real dynamite

His eyebrows were a very weird sight.

He got a gift for the cat each year.

Until the dog said that’s not fair.

So he said they should join with a human choir

Singing carols by the read coal fire.

The cat could waul in any key.

She could screech and moan so she got some tea

The dog could bark but could not speak

Otherwise he would have been a freak.

In the kitchen mother cooked the goose.

With all the family we could have scoffed a moose.

Is the plural of moose meese?

I have no dictionary what a beast

The Christmas pudding with a great delight

The silver sixpence always started a fight.

We had bird’s custard never cream

We had no fridge so it would have turned green.

The birds were so angry that they told the queen.

Ever since then she’s never been seen

We listened to the carols on the wireless set.

Cuddling the cat we called our pet

Dear father said we must go to bed

We always disobeyed him whatever he did.was such fun

He was such fun though very odd

When I was still tiny I thought that he was God.

Does grief ever come to an end ?


The Myth of Closure” is also her attempt to make sense of simultaneously unfolding catastrophes in her personal life and around the world. “This is the first time I’ve raised ambiguous loss to a higher level regarding the pandemic, a societal level,” Boss told me. In trying to describe losses that society doesn’t always recognize, Boss might be helping us to rethink the nature of loss altogether.



My father was a very strange man

My father was a very odd man

He cooked our porridge in a frying pan

He went to work and he came back home

Carrying a bag full of garden gnomes

He hated them with pure sweet hate

He buried them all by the garden gate

We had no garden we had no lawn.

Despite all that the Sun came up at dawn

He never had a car and he never had a horse.

He was an artist but quite untaught.

He wanted several children and that’s what he got

There were three of us sleeping in one cot.

Three more slept on the landing too.

We have no beds but a wonderful view.

My six older brothers slept in one bed

There was no light but they were very well read.

Then he died and left us all alone.

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