Talking makes it go up

We are going to take your blood pressure 10 times

Thank you for warning me I’ve got my gun here and it’s loaded.

In any case why 10 times? You seem over fond of the decimal system where’s I will prefer you to take it 12 times as 12 as a much more interesting number than 10 since You can divide it by 234 and 6.

Please don’t talk it will make your blood pressure rise.

Well the world was coming through and we couldn’t talk l

It depends on how 0l high it is

I keep mine very high on purpose so that you won’t be able to reach it I also have a booby trap so beware.

And it’s going up

Do you stop talking?

Only when I’m listening

Would you like me to tell you a story?

Did you write it yourself?

I haven’t ever tried that.

Go write and leave my blood pressure alone

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